Thursday, 8 October 2015

Grassed off... !

Thimble cottage now has its own tree, with base.  It is awaiting its top and bottom foliage.  I'm also working on a rocky bank for the rear of the base. 

To make the rocky bank I cut up some foam board,  three pieces, going down in size.  Then I applied some filler,  it was left to dry on top of the cooker.   Well I had a stew in the oven,  so thought I may as well make use of the heat to speed things up.   That is now ready to be painted, and have grass added tomorrow.

I added more shrubbery to the rear of Teacup cottage, the variation in colour is working nicely. I can build it up a bit higher if I want. 

I did noticed that some of the tiles had come unstuck, so I had to carefully make a bigger gap, then slosh in some glue with a thin brush.  

I keep forgetting to buy some straws to make drain pipes.  Then again I forgot to get the brillo pads, and marmalade, and they were on the list.  Yes I do consult the list,  if I didn't then I'd end up with stuff I didn't need.   Harvey of course always gets his food and treats. 

The tree has foliage!  I used some of the thin netting, stretched it over the branches and just  lightly glued it down.  Then I began adding clumps of foliage,  still needs a bit more on top, and round the sides. 

I've also now blended in the base to the grassy area.  I drew round the base, scraped off some of the grass, then secured the tree with No Nails.  Then I dabbed on some glue and sprinkled some of the coarse grass round it until it was covered. 

And Harvey, in one of his 'awkward' poses, fast asleep.  Think he was happy when I put the duvet on the bed.  It was a bit chilly last night,  so felt it was time to dig out the duvet.  Himself of course spotted the change in bedding,  plus with the sun being on the bed it made for a nice sunny spot for a snooze.   There was some light snoring at one point, a stretch, several yawns then he turned over for another two hours! 

The next project is lined up, the Shepherds Hut,  and I've found a shepherd and some sheep to go with it!  All this is possible cos my promise to myself seems to be sticking for a change.  Nope, can't say what yet,  I've had a couple of wobbles, but mini ones. 

Today was the first stew,  only because I found some stewing steak in the freezer.  But for the first one it was damn tasty.    It was nearly a curry, cos that was what I could smell in Tesco's,  I remembered that mum used to put curry powder in the stew when we were kids.   Funny what you remember,  or what sparks a memory.   It can be anything,  sometimes I come in to the flat and expect to hear her say hello,  or ask if I need help with the shopping.  No, she couldn't lift anything, but she would bring her trolley through so I could use it.  And I miss that. 

Well by tomorrow I should have begun transforming the base for Thimble cottage,  getting that rockery thing in place, and the tree. 

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