Saturday, 3 October 2015

Heading for a green and pleasant land...

A busy, busy day.  Not exactly up with the larks, but not far off.  A grey day,  foggy as well. One of those dank days,  complete change from yesterday.   So once showered and made to look presentable it was off, to hobbycraft for supplies.

Back at base, out came the work bench, and saw,  and fifteen minutes later I had a base for Thimble Cottage.  It is supposed to be wonky.  Cut some foamboard, then added some filler,  now it is drying...

Next, the roof.  The tiles arrived,  so I got to work.  These were the 'wonky' tiles, love em!  Didn't take long to cover such a small roof,  then on went the paint, with my stippling brush. Bit of grey, pearl grey,  paynes grey, raw umbe and olive green, and in no particular order.   Looking good don't you think?   I've begun toning down the cottage, using my Old Paper distress ink pad.  Still a bit to go.   But it is now beginning to look the part.  

In hobbycraft I picked up some grass, more foliage and a kit.  Oh and wire.  

This is the rear roof, you can see the olive green, it is supposed to look like moss...  well it will do. These roof tiles were much thinner than the first lot,  so easier to mold over the wonky roof.  Just need a few more to cover the join, which will be shown tomorrow.  Using the stippling brush, or tree brush,  made life much easier.  Just put a blob of each colour of paint on a plate, then randomly dipped into them and applied to roof until it was completely covered.  

And a tree!   I covered it completely with strips of masking tape.  I found that the easiest way to do it was to stick a strip of masking tape to my glass cutting mat, then use my craft knife to cut strips from it,  it didn't matter if they weren't straight.   Then it was a case of wrapping them round the trunk, roots and branches.   I added a blob of burnt sienna and umber to the plate, and slapped various colours onto the tree.  Now it just needs its foliage, and some 'earth', to partially cover the roots. 

Of course the base needs to be grassed, and have bushes and stuff added. That is were the kit comes in.  

It came with all indgredients, grass, foliage, hay,  flowers... glue etc.  And instructions.  So soon, in the next week, Thimble Cottage will be perched on a base,  with greenery, a fence and stuff. 

I really felt as if I'd accomplished something today.  I took my time over stuff,  well you can rush that tree, or the base.   The distressing of the cottage is a work in progress, I did make a mistake to begin with, using the black soot, but it was way too dark.  So I just painted over my mistake. 

The weather today was the complete opposite of yesterday when I was dressed in T shirt, linen pants.. and today, jeans, proper shoes,  and fleece.   Autumn has arrived.  Guess we'll have to adapt, switch to warmer clothing.  Still don't feel the need to put the heating on,  well I did this morning,  but not during the evening.    Not yet got the duvet out of storage,   was nice and toasty last night with the summer bedding, plus fleecy blanket...   

And my other project is coming along nicely, will report back on that at the end of the month, or maybe not.  Right, need a cuppa, and my bed is calling,  Harvey is already hogging my  bed!   The cheek of it...   

More tomorrow,  I hope!

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