Thursday, 22 October 2015

I have a shop!

This looks a bit boring.  It is a pavement,   and it will sit outside the Cottage Stores.   I first covered the base with PVA, to seal it, then rolled out some air dried clay,  removed it, put on another layer of PVA glue, put the clay back on, pressed it down. Checked that the shop front would fit snugly, then left it to dry in the sunshine.   Yes, we did have some sun today after a very grey and soggy start. 

So while the clay was drying I got on with some painting.  I'd already covered the exterior walls with sandpaper.  They all got a couple of coats of white paint.  I had a cuppa and watched Doctors (very sad today),  while it all dried. 

Next task was to make a chimney.  Measured some balsa,  I used the chimney from Teapot Cottage as a template.  I didn't have a piece long enough, so had to use two pieces.  Once I was happy with the dimensions then I covered it in the sandpaper, and plonked my heavy dictionary on it to help it stick. 

Next...  give Harvey his treat and a cuddle...  very important,  he has to have his afternoon treat!

Checked on pavement, it was dry.  I'd fixed the shop window in place, and the door.   They'd all been painted yesterday.  I glued the other windows and sills into place as well. 

Next I painted the pavement,  mixed some white with black,  just roughly and dabbed it on.  I had to use my very small brush for the joins,  also took the paint over the edge.  I added a small step to the inside of the door, and it was set aside to dry.  It was time for another cuppa.  Tea is an essential part of crafting!

Looking good!  The chimney needs to be trimmed, then the roof will fit properly.  The small roof needed a strip of wood to stop it slipping off, that was added. It also has a plinth that will run along the front. 

With each house building project I acquire a little more skill, and some patience.  Tuesday I did a dry run, checked all the pieces were there.  Then I glued the carcass together.  Yesterday I focused on the windows and door,  painting them,  letting them dry thoroughly before carefully adding the glazing.   Then it was all left to dry overnight.  I also planned the pavement,  deciding whether to use filler or the clay.

 Today I covered it all in the sandpaper.  I did consider using sand for the rendering.  However it has been raining, so the sand on the beach is very wet!  I did try the small gravel, but it was a little too big,  I'd need something finer like sand.  Will have to pay a visit to our beach and get some.  So I opted for the sandpaper,  which works just as well,  and is probably less messy. 

Now to decide whether to have a go at making my own tiles or buy them?   I fancy having a go,  which I may regret.   Next task is to make the base,  it will have cobblestones.  More air dried clay,  and I may carry the pavement on round the shop.   The rear part of the roof needs to be glued in place. 

Now I can tell you what else I've been working on - Stoptober.  I'd already bought an ecig, but had never really got the hang of it.  Anyway I went to our shopping centre,  there is an ecig shop and I asked if anyone could show me how to use the ecig properly.  I was in luck, after a quick lesson I realised that I'd not been using the ecig properly.   So at the start of October I decided to try to quit smoking,  I didn't quit the smokes right away, kept an emergency pack for a couple of weeks until I felt ready to go cold turkey, well use the ecig instead of cigarettes.  Then I did it, stopped the ciggies,  I added up what smoking was costing me each month and wrote it on my white board in the kitchen. So if I have any wobbles I just go look at that.  I've had a few, but not many,  the ecig is my new habit, some may not agree but I don't care, the liquid has no chemicals and I will admit that with my anxiety I do need a prop.    

I'm also sellling my stash,  I've now cleaned them up, and sorted them out.  Now I need to start photographing them.  The dies, masks and embossing folders are all photo'd,  sold a few already :-)   The next major task is to sort out the black hole, also known as the cloakroom...  and to find my winter curtains. 

Back tomorrow with a progress report.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Maggie, I love your little shop but then I love all your little houses. Are you planning to create a village eventually. Using the sandpaper is such a good idea - the effect is very convincing. As is your pavement - very much like the real thing. Well done in trying to stop smoking. I wish you much success. I stopped 36 years ago when there was no e-cigs, patches, etc., and it was difficult but so worth it. My daughter has stopped recently, because the consultant who is fitting her cochlear implant next month told her to stop, and she is doing well, and saving a fortune at the same time ... she will be spending her savings at the craft show in Glasgow tomorrow :)She's using Nicorette invisi 25mg patches and a nicotine inhaler to help her. They are available free from Boots over a period of 12 weeks ... it's a phased course. You might like to consider it if the e-cig doesn't do the trick. Elizabeth xx