Sunday, 25 October 2015

Just one of those days... !

You just know when it is going to go wrong - and so it did!  I felt yesterday that things were progressing nicely with the cottage stores. But today I changed my mind,  I didn't like the cobblestones,  they didn't look right, nor the pavement, the flag stones were too big.  I painted the roof tiles, at least they look right, and spot the drain pipe... !

I cut the base down, and sanded back the cobblestones.   I took off the pavement,  then I filled in the cobble stones.  And used more filler to make a fresh pavement.  

I'm blaming the messing about with the clocks,  I sort of forgot... so when I woke up and saw it was 8 a.m. I considered getting up, then I remembered the clocks...  so made some tea and toast, then went back to sleep for another hour.  

I turned my attention back to Thimble Cottage, put more foliage on the trees.  One still needs a little more,  just on top!   I gave the bird house a second coat of paint,  then sorted out where to put it, the bench and the wonky fence. 

The fence was the easy bit, but I needed to find a level bit for the bench and birdhouse.   Finally after a bit of messing about I settled on the bench being near the bank, and the birdhouse closer to the house.  All were glued into place. 

This gives a better view of the bench, birdhouse and trees.   I also put the other birdhouse together. 

But just not a good day,  even Harvey was in a funny mood.  I felt it necessary to cheer myself up, so...  I went and bought the Christmas Shop from Petite Properties!  Oops..   well I have sold some of my stash so the cost was covered.  I felt like a real challenge,  and think that the next shop will be just that.    It also occured to me that I could put the two shops on one base...   I'll see how the cottage store base looks tomorrow and if it can be rescued. 

Think it has been one of those days,  but it has felt like a battle all day.  The morning was okay, I even didn't mind (well not too much) tackling the ironing.  Harvey had gobbled up all his food,  he did pull a face when I suggested he clear his plate... he did, eventually :-)     It was after lunch that things started to go down hill, when I looked at the base,  the cobblestones didn't look right, I painted them in the hope that they might improve - they didn't!   I'd got them wrong,  which is why I decided to put some filler over them and start over.    At least the cheese toasty was delicious.

All for tonight... time for a glass of red wine... 

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