Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Grunge is the word!

Oh flip a doodle!   The shower decided to conk out today...  just wondering if it is a fuse?   Could it be that simple - is the world flat? 

So I had a bath, nowt wrong with that but it's easier to wash your hair if you shower.  Hey ho...  then I got really messy,  sand, PVA glue, paint, all were involved, oh and some molding paste.  Proper messy it was,  nice and gungy, and you can see by the rear wall of the shop.  That was caused by a mix of sand, glue and paint.

As you can see it is coming along nicely.  In terms of being distressed that is.   I wasn't sure what to use for the distressing, or what colour.   I'd forgotten that the kit had come with some sand.   I plonked on some molding paste on the rear wall, it has no decoration,  then for the side walls I dabbed on some raw umber first.  Next I used the 'frames' and dabbed some PVA glue on to the walls,  and covered it with the sand.   When it was dry I used a paint combo of raw umber, sienna and black, oh and a bit of cream, to make it look weather beaten.   It still needs a bit more work, but it is taking shape nicely. 

While bits were drying I glued the front window and door frame into place.   The front had also had a coat of raw umber, just roughty dabbed on, with a bit of sand thrown over it.  

You can see one of the frames ,  I've begun the process of distressing it.  There are four, no, five more frames to paint and glue into place.  The pedestal also needs some cobblestones,   there are instructions on how to achieve the look, and some helpful marks to use as a guide. 

I also glued together the top section,  which is still looking far too pristine, however that will be corrected in a few days and it will look suitably grungy.

Just wish the shower could be so easily fixed.   Stuff happens,  just so annoying when it does.   Finally managed to start photographing my stamps,  no idea how I managed to acquire so many.   I am pleased to say that all have been used,  of course I had my favourites.  Loved my postcard stamp,  it was great for backgrounds,  and all my Indigo Blu stamps,  got quite a colletction.    Not quite as many Clarity stamps as I thought I had,    I loved them but couldn't afford them, ain't that the way?     I did like the handles,  made life much easier when stamping.

Harvey is on the plod. This is what he does every evening, around 6.30 he goes out,  then he is in an out all evening.  He's usually very chatty when it comes in,  no idea what he is telling me,  cat gossip I presume.   He's pretty good at coming in when called,  if not the solution is simple, I shut the door!  He is soon howling to be let back in.  He is such a wimp at times.  

Did I mention I found my winter curtains?    Phil, my neighbour has offered to put them up for me.  Nice to have good neighbours,  it makes such a difference.  

Well that is all for tonight, best go write up my diary.   Should be back with my grungy news tomorrow.

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