Saturday, 10 October 2015

Some technical stuff

Take two trees.   On the left is how the tree starts life, with eight pieces of wire twisted to make the shape of the trunk,  the wires are separated into pairs.  At the base the pairs are twisted to make the roots, and at the top they make the branches.  Next stage is to cover the tree with narrow strips of masking tape, right from the roots to the branches.  Taking extra care round the roots and branches were they join the trunk. Then it is painted and the base added. Simples!

Then some netting is added to the branches, this holds the foliage in place.   For the foliage it is best to use a mix of greens,  no tree is just one shade of green.  The top of a tree is never round,  but bigger in places than others. 

I'm using Clump foliage, light green by Woodland Scenics, and All seasons shrub foliage from Petite Properties.  The grass is Forest Green accent, green grass turf, forst green accent and coarse turf, light green (woodland scenics)  The foliage kit came with a shaker,  which is a small pot and a lid, the lid has been punctured so you can scatter the grass. 

For the grass I've found that watered down PVA works best, and for the shrubbery foliage I use a fabric glue,  just watered down slightly.  The gravel is just ballast, normally used on model railways. 

This is the outdoor toilet for Teacup cottage, you may just be able to pick out the difference in colour in the grass nearest the toilet, and the house.  One bit is simply the ready grass, and the other has had some forest green accent added to give it a rougher, thicker look.   I'm putting some of the coarse grass round the walls.  The step is simply a piece of balsa wood, sanded down, then painted.

The bushes are also a mix of the shrubbery foliage, it adds interest, plus nature isn't uniform. 

I put some gravel over the porch area so it would blend in.  There will be some of the coarse grass added tomorrow.  The gravel has been toned down with and earthy mix of watercolour paints. 

It all takes time,  you can just rush this process.  It also takes a while for things to dry so you can work on them, and be prepared for messy fingers!   Best also to have some cheap brushes for the glue, and keep a cup of water handy to pop the brushes into so they don't get clogged up.   Yep, kitchen towel is a must, I'm using a thicker one,  and its name escapes me, but it comes in a single roll, and is much better than the ordinary kitchen roll.

The landscaping is now stuck down onto the base.  Now I need to blend it in with the grass, the coarse grass will probably work best, with some gravel mixed in.  There will be two trees,  one to the side of the house, and one at the front.  I found my mini guillotine!  So I set to cutting little strips of thick card to make a wonky fence.    Not sure how far I'll get tomorrow,  things also depend on my right hand.  Not sure what's happened, but a couple of fingers swelled up this morning, the middle finger is really sore at the knuckle. 

I've been finding it difficult to hold stuff in my right hand.  I took some anti inflammatories,  and rubbed on some gel,  but nothing seems to be working.   The heating went on this morning, there was a definite nip in the air.   Harvey chose to snuggle up in the airing cupboard, think he sees it as his bedroom.   I've had to put old towels over everything,  otherwise everything would be covered in ginger fur.   The girlfriend snuck in again and pinched his breakfast,  his own fault for turning his nose up.  I think I'd rather she ate it than just chuck it away.

No Shepherds Hut :-(    Waited for postie,  but all he brought were my mammogram results, all clear.  Nice to know that one part of me is okay.   A bit of a dull and grey day, and definitely on the chilly side,  resorted to a long sleeved T shirt top, and warm socks.    So I should get the Shepherd's Hut on Monday,  which will be good timing,  Teacup cottage is almost done.  

All for now, enjoy your Sunday, and thanks for stopping by.

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