Friday, 2 October 2015

A bit twisted...

A very productive day!   I was confined to the flat,  had to wait in for a surveyor to come and do an audit.   So...  first task,  look on Youtube to work out how to make trees and landscaping.  I found quite a few videos on trees, all seemed to be using the same method - more on that in a mo.
In the meantime I put another layer of gravel on the little path in front of the cottage.  Stuck the door on,  then put all the windows in place. Reglazed the dormer window, and trimmed the roof tiles.  Then Thimble Cottage was put to one side.    Time for a tree!

I wasn't sure if this would work, but following the method I'd see on the many YouTube videos I gave it a go.  First I got some wire,  roughly measured, against the cottage, how long the wires needed to be.   I used 8 lengths of copper wire, the only wire I had to hand.   Then I twisted them together, leaving a few at the bottom for the roots,  then part way up I stopped twisting and separated the wires.   I made four branches by twisting two wires together.   Then I got some masking tape,  and cut it into thin strips and began winding that around the wire, the main trunk first.  I continued with the roots, then the branches.  Nope,  not quite finished,   it was time to stop, losing light and I was hungry, so was Harvey!    So far so good,  well I think so,  and hopefully by the time the foliage is added it will look like a little tree.  Or at least that is the idea.

I put it next to the cottage, and yes, I think it is the right size.   I'm off up to Hobbycraft tomorrow for foliage, grass and more wire, oh and masking tape.   The copper wire is a bit thicker than I'd like, it has worked, but a slightly thinner wire would be easier to work.   I was finding it hard to twist the wire, got no power in my hands.   In this photo you can see the door, and the chimney, which is a bit too wonky,  I've just started to put some filler round it.   And the roof tiles will be here tomorrow,  so the cottage shall soon have a proper roof!

I also did some work on Teacup Cottage.  I've laid a path.  I used a small amount of filler, the ready mixed stuff,  then put the gravel on.  Next will come the grass,  I took the other up,  it was looking far too neat.  I've also decided that the fence I made isn't that bad afterall,  so I will be using some of it.   I'll be making more trees,  Teacup Cottage needs a couple,  plus a washing line,  well why not?  

So, as I said, a productive day. Sadly the surveyor was a no show.   I was fuming,  I was told he could come anytime between 11 and 3, so dutifully I stayed in.   

I was brassed off by 2.45,  so got ready to head to the supermarket.  And at 3 pm, that is what I did.  If they ask me again I'll say no, unless they can provide a definite time and date, I'm not going to be waiting in again.     

Yep the supermarket, well Harvey keeps eating his food.  We were down to the bare bones this morning, one he really did like, and two he will eat if pushed.   So I gave him the one he does like for his breakfast, that got wolfed down,  I knew he was full, he'd also put away a packet of food during the night.   He's not bothered about eating during the day, he likes dinner between 6 and 7 pm,  then supper when he comes in.  Breakfast is around 9 a.m.,  after which he heads off for his long snooze.   I was also out of bread,  what I had was fit for toasting only.  

Not sure what the next lot of pics will show, trees, some proper landscaping?   Fingers crossed.

Enjoy the weekend, could be the last sunny one we see for a while.

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