Wednesday, 14 October 2015

It has a roof, walls and wheels, my Hut is ready!

We have a roof,  it is made from the cardboard back of a sketchpad.  A bit of upcycling, or is that recycling?   I never know the difference.

The roof still needs a bit of weathering, so far it's had a light coat of burnt umber.   Now it needs a bit of moss,  and darkening here and there.

The roof was the last thing I did this afternoon, before that...

I painted the hut. Or should that be I dabbed paint all over it!   Well it was the best way of covering it,  so it was a mix of black, grey,  umber, olive green...   just dabbed on.  I actually like the effect now,  just need to put back in the lines to denote the planks... or maybe not.  Something I am considering.    But it is looking the part now, a well worn shepherd's hut, stuck in a field. 

And here is my stile.  Still to be painted,  but chuffed with it.  These small pieces are fiddly to put together, a real test of patience, and trying to find tiny bits to prop stuff up so it sets in the right place.   I think my patience has grown since tackling these miniature houses,  there is no fast route, it all takes time.  

The walls will be covered, as will the base.  Soon there will be grass, trees, bushes, grass...  That is the fun part, well for me, and I suspect many others. 

A quiet day today,  just stayed in the flat, well until I was very low on tea bags!  How did that happen, I am a tea freak, how could I possibly let such a situation arise?    So fortunate that I have a very good corner shop, which is often cheaper than the supermarkets.    So a shortish walk, for fit people, a slow  hobble for me, to the corner shop, so I did get some fresh air, cold fresh air.  A definite nip out there today,   Harvey was snuggled up in his radiator bed,  not sure why as the heating wasn't on.  

A busy day tomorrow,  and need to stock up on filler...    you'll find out why soon!   Take care, and thanks for stopping by :-)

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CraftygasheadZo said...

It looks fab!! Take care Zo xx