Friday, 16 October 2015

Almost there!

With the hut complete it was time to turn my attention to the base.  The first thing to consider was where everything would go.   I tried a few different arrangements and decided on this configuration. 

I used a small piece of balsa to raise up the ground a little.  First I covered the base with PVA glue, let that dry,  then covered the whole thing with molding paste.   Then I put on the fences and rocks,  using the paste to fix everything in place.  Then it was left to dry overnight.

Today it was time to start adding all the foliage.  I put on a thin coat of the molding paste over the fences,  when that was dry it got a liberal coat of PVA glue.  Finally the foliage was added,  yep, fingers covered in shrubbery,  oh and gravel...  guess it makes a change from glitter! 

I put some grass round the rocks as well, and some gravel.  Then it was a case of keeping going until it was all covered. 

And then it looked like this.  I scattered some of the flower soft over the hedges. It needs a bit more grass and gravel in places,  plus the gravel needs painting.  

I've started to make some trees,  they'll add more interest.  But it definitely needs some sheep!   Guess I'll have to scour the charity shops.

Here it is with the hut in place,  to think that a few days ago it was all plain,  now it has come to life.  Think I'm most chuffed with the hut, and that I added a few bits of my own.

I did go to Hobbycraft to get more landscaping material, and some wire to make trees.  I was almost tempted by the water kit,  it makes a small pond.   Maybe next time?

Not a bad day,  woke up late,  I blame the central heating and Harvey, he is usually my alarm clock, but it seems he doesn't want to get up early these days, or face the cold mornings.  He was curled up beside me,  purring very loudly.   In fact it took him another half an hour to get up,  he then polished off a full dish of food and then ventured out.    Of course now he's turning his nose up at his food, or he was before his girlfriend tried nabbing it, then he changed his mind.   I was chatting with a friend about Harvey,  she recently bought a budgie,  and we both discovered that what we wanted from our chosen pets was not what we ended up with.  I wanted a female cat,  not too old,  a house cat, quiet and loving, what did I get - Harvey,  awkward, a male and full of life!  My friend's budgie is also in the awkward category,   he doesn't like flying...  yes,  go figure, a bird that doesn't like flying!   She opens his cage door,  teases him out and then he sits on the cage,  occasionally he has a go at the flying stuff but usually crash lands. 

Well I have a weekend of tree making, and more landscaping ahead of me.  Not that I am complaining.  I've picked out my next project,  a shop.   Well the other thing I am working on is going well,  nope, still can't say what it is, not till the end of the month. 

I hope whatever you choose to do this weekend goes well,  that it brings a smile to your face and some happiness into your life.  All for now.

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