Friday, 9 October 2015

Between a rock and a tree...

Let's start with a tree.  A plain looking tree.  This one is for Thimble Cottage, soon it will have some grass on the base, and foliage round the top.   They are easy to make,  just wire,  I used eight pieces of wire,  softish wire.   This was twisted until the trunk was formed, at the top and bottom the wire was separated into two pieces, each pair twisted to form a branch or root.   Once that it done you then need some masking tape.  I used a wide masking tape,  stuck a strip onto my glass cutting mat and just cut some thin strips, each was wound round the trunk, branches and roots until they were all covered.  Next it needs to be painted,  a mix of grey, brown and black, just sort of dabbing it on roughly.  For the base I used some air dried clay, rolled out a circle, then pushed the tree into the clay,  it was then left to dry overnight.  Base was then painted, green and some earthy colours.  Next comes the decorating, for the base it will be covered with coarse grass, the top has some thin green netting,  the foliage will be stuck onto this using fabric glue.

A dowdier cottage,  I used some watercolour paints,  which were very diluted, to age the paintwork on the cottage and gravel.  If it was too dark I just went over with a brush and water. 

Now it is starting to look like the business.   The roof tiles were also given another wash of paint, and the chimney was also distressed. 

The landscaping. This will be at the back of the base,  it began life as a bit of foam board, well three bits all stuck together, then covered in filler.  I sanded it a little,  not too much, then gave it a light coat of earthy paint (brown, black and grey mixed together).    Then came the messy bit.  It was first covered in the fine grass, just in places, then some gravel,  after that came the thicker grass, some flower soft,  then the sticky up stuff (will be cut), and some shrubbery.  By which time I had grass covered fingers...   bits of stuff on floor, mainly grass, flower soft and shrubs...   had to stop for a clean up, and a cuppa. 

This pic gives an idea of where everything will go.   The tree base had been grassed over, and you can now see that the cottage now looks more 'aged',   the wonky roof also helps with the effect.    Still much to do, a little path,  more stuff in the garden bit,  would like a fence,  just bits of it really.   There will be more shrubbery round the rocky bit,  to make it blend in,  same with the tree.    I'm glad I started over on this,  it is looking much better.

 And the tree at Teacup Cottage continues to grow!   Just needs a few more bits here and there and it will be done.  The toilet is now stuck into place.  The cottage also got the dirty paint treatment,   not really showing up on the photo, but trust me it is now looking much 'older'.  Will have to look at the garden furniture on the web site and see what there is.   For me it is the mundane stuff, like bins,  that make the difference.  Still determined to make my own fences and drain pipes!  

It wasn't a good day mood or pain wise.   Woke up feeling really stiff,  even though I was nice and warm last night.  Harvey also appreciated the duvet, he stayed cuddled up next to me.   The weather was a bit deceptive, it was lovely and sunny but a bit on the chilly side.  I've still NOT put the heating on,   or resorted to much warmer clothing.   Well the black jeans have made an appearance,  and the linen trousers are safely stored away till next summer.   Had the rest of the stew tonight,  even tastier the second time round. 

The Shepherds Hut may be here tomorrow,  Petite Properties have been busy this week,  which is always good to hear.  So my order took a little longer, but they did apologise.  Those touches, an apology, make all the difference, a pity the larger companies don't adopt the same policies, and our government!    Yesterday I had a letter from the DWP saying it was adjusting my ESA cos my occupational pension had increased slightly.  This happens every year,  I've kept the DWP fully informed of all changes,  so imagine my surprise when they said they wouldn't be pursuing me for an overpayment!  Cheek,  it wouldn't have been my fault,  they were informed of the rise at the time,  so their fault for not implementing the change, thus I do NOT have to reimburse them.  Oh were are talking of 40p per week... go figure.   It cost more to send me the letter.  But it was the nasty and accusatory tone of the letter that was most upsetting,  they automatically blame the client.   

I let Harvey's girlfriend come in this morning, she wolfed down his breakfast, well he had decided he didn't like it,  so imagine his horror when he found her eating his meal!   That taught him a lesson, since then he's eaten all his meals.  

Right off to do my diary...  fingers crossed the hut arrives tomorrow! 

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CraftygasheadZo said...

These are wonderful. Love the way it's all coming together. Take care Zo xx