Tuesday, 27 October 2015

New day, new project...

Yes, a new building...    it arrived just as I was making some lunch.  So,  whilst munching on my ham roll,  I inspected the goodies inside the envelope.   As usual I checked that all the pieces were present and correct, yep.   It is also a good way to familiarise yourself with each piece,  and which is which. 

Next task was to tidy up the craft desk.   And put the Cottage Stores to one side, it is awaiting a new base.   Let's just say that things didn't go according to plan yesterday with the base.  I wasn't feeling great, which didn't help, but just felt it was better to stop and start over with the base than plough on.

I am feeling much better today,  I managed to get a little more sleep last night.  

So back to my new project.  After prepping the pieces,  painting,  and papering,  they were all given some drying time while I watched Doctors, and enjoyed a cuppa.  Then the walls all got another coat of paint,  and the floor was covered in a couple of coats of glossy mod podge.  Then it was time to glue them together.   The front has to be made separately from the main piece,   so those pieces were carefully put to one side.  

With this all glued together,  I left it to dry, used some masking tape to hold it in place.  Then I turned my attention to the window and door.

I've still not said what this new project is...  all will be revealed shortly!    This is the window, now painted, glued and glazed. Beside it is the door frame,  yep, a little unusual.   I did mean to include the door in this photo,  oh well...

And that was as far as I got as it was getting too dark to work.   I've got the daylight lamp but for some reason I just can't get on with it,  I'd much rather work in natural daylight.

 And this is what the new project is - The Christmas Shop.  As you can see I've got a lot of work to do.  The shop window needs to be aged, as does the door.   I've got some glitter for the snow!   It reminds me of some of the shops in Chester,   although they don't look quite so distessed as this.  Need to get my thinking cap on about what to do for the base,  it needs to be very festive. 

It has been a much better day today, the last couple of days have been rubbish.   Yesterday everything was taking a huge effort.  I'd started to revamp the base for the Cottage stores, using the filler.  I felt that I could cut into the filler to make the cobblestones, and I probably could have if my hands had let me.   I managed a row, but it was just too painful to carry on.     So will have to use the air dried clay,  and need more mod podge.   And loo rolls...  can't beleive that I went to the supermarket with a list, top of it was loo rolls, and what did I forget to buy - yep, the loo rolls!    

Well all for tonight,   Harvey needs his supper, he's being a right hungry horace at the moment.  Take care until tomorrow.

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