Monday, 12 October 2015

Now I have a hut!

Yep,  it arrived!    I'd just sat down to my lunch when the postie arrived at the door.   So over my sandwich and a cuppa I checked the contents.  Everything in order,  and so dinky.  A wall, well two walls, a stile,  the base and of course the hut. Lots of little bits to put on, stick together, wheels an axles,  small bed, even smaller stove...  This will mean very sticky fingers.

 So to my hut.  Here is the rear,  one tiny window!  Yes it has a frame and will be glazed.  The tweezers will definitely be in use for this project. 

The first task was to make the bed.  This also acts as a support for the walls. The attention to detail is superb,  just underneath the bed is the lamb warmer,  were the shepherd would keep any sickly lamb, or one that may have lost her mother.  

The hut has few comforts, aside from the bed there is a small stove, and a table. 

Now you can see how tiny the stove and table are!    That is a two pence piece next to them.  I've painted the stove with the decoart paint, while the table is just a rough wood colour.  

I used the decoart paint on the wheels,  axles, the frame and tow bar,  so now they have a metal look about them.  

Here's the inside,  now you can see the bed and were the shepherd would put the lambs to keep warm. 

And that was were I called it a day as once more I realised that it was getting dark, and that my tummy was beginning to rumble.

Harvey was still asleep,  well he'd had such a busy morning.  No, honest he had.   He woke up around 4 a.m.,  well, okay so did I, but one of us wanted to go back to the land of nod, and it wasn't Harvey.  So he plodded around,  and occasionally had a stab at waking me up,  until I yelled at him.  Then he went off to sulk.   When I finally came to, he was in the airing cupboard,  sulking.  After I rubbed his ears and tummy he was soon won over, and then he happily tucked into a bowl of food,  all of it!   After which he went off for his morning walk.  He didn't settle down to sleep until lunch time, and only after he'd had a second bowl of food.  

So tomorrow,  well a bit of this and a bit of that, or a bit of the hut and a bit of Thimble Cottage.  I also need to think about how to landscape the base for the hut.  The fences could become hedgerows,  need to consider how many trees it should have. 

It is now officially chilly!   The very warm top was needed today.  I've also noticed that Harvey's fur is becoming thicker.  I managed to sum up a bit of energy to do some dusting,  my aunty wasn't keen on dusting,  and I can see why.   However, she managed to ignore it, and I can't. When I was in the army, Monday was designated as 'in' night, which meant no one was allowed out until the barracks had been cleaned.  That meant your own rooms and the communal areas, all ready for inspection on Tuesday morning.   Of course in basic training it meant cleaning every inch of furniture, floor and anything else that didn't move,  once you were out of training there was a more relaxed feel.   But the Monday cleaning thing has stuck with me, so Mondays means a bit of housework of some description.  It used to mean cleaning the entire flat, but the sore back won't allow for that,  so it is a room at a time. 

Now off to update my diary.   Keep warm this week.

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CraftygasheadZo said...

What a fabulous hut, I can't believe how tiny some of those parts are!! Take care Zo xx