Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Going green...

All this gardening is very tiring ;-)   I'm focusing on Teacup Cottage at the moment.   My first problem was what glue to use for the shrubbery. Yes, you'd think PVA,  I did,  and it kind of worked,  then seemed to stop working.  So... thinking cap on, what would work?  Fabric glue, well it might do the job...  gave it a go and, by jingo it worked!    With that problem solved I could add more shrubber round the house, and down the path.   I'm mixing it up,  got three different shades, so a little of each makes a shrub. 

And a few wires, masking tape and paint make a tree.  Then you add some air dried clay,  and after it dries then you sprinkle on coarse grass.   Yep the top bit is still bare!  Well it is autumn.  No, I've actually been trying to work out how best to put the foliage on to the tree,  there are some ideas on line,  one uses some fine mesh to act as a base.  I have some as a piece was in the foliage kit,  that is probably the way I'll go.   But it was important to work on the base first,   now I just have to scrape back the ready grass, and secure the tree with No Nails,  once the leaves are on.  

Cottage with tree roughly placed,  there will be more grass scattered around it so it all blends in.  For the little hedgy bit I sprinkled on some flower soft, just to add some colour.  I've been breaking up the rocks,  so now they look as if they should be there. 

Need to build up the shrubbery, and blend in the porch area, sticks out like a sore thumb at the moment.  I could take the gravel and spread some over it,   or...  shrubbery.   The fence will be secured, and the outside toilet will be fixed into place. 

Then I can move onto Thimble Cottage,  think I will go to town a bit on its landscaping.  Just fancy trying a few ideas.   If it works, it works, if not... then it will be a good thing that I got the large roll of ready grass, and still have some spare wood!    I found some chicken wire,  amazing what stuff you have lurking in cupboards and sheds.   I can't even remember what I wanted the chicken wire for.  

Need to decide what the next project will be, half toying with the Shepherd's hut,  well it will be different,  could even get some tiny sheep.    Need to save up for Raven's Perch,  but I think I also need to get some more landscaping  experience under my belt.

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Elizabeth said...

Love the two shades of green you've coloured the walls with, Maggie - green's my favourite colour. It's looking fantastic. Elizabeth xx