Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Third time lucky?

So much for instructions!  The grass didn't stick...!!!   So used Google and found a forum, seems others were having same problems with this ready grass and it not sticking.  There was some supposedly proper glue,  however as I read the messages it seemed that the glue didn't work.  There was a glimmer of hope as someone had tried No Nails and it had worked.   Out came the No Nails,  spread it on, stuck down grass on the board I was using for Teacup cottage... then crossed fingers... oh and toes.   Had a cup of tea,  had lunch...  took a peek...  it had worked.  

Before I began working on the garden for Teacup cottage I cut a new base for Thimble cottage, and a fresh piece of grass.  More No Nails,  and large book.... it was left to dry.  

Meantime I sorted out the rear roof,  a lump was in the wrong place and was stopping the two bits of roof from meeting.  Some sanding, and removal of tiles was needed,  but eventually the two bits of roof met neatly together.  Replaced the tiles, and left the roof to dry.   Time for a cuppa.  

First job was to top up the gravel on the path, and try not to get the stuff all over the grass.  Now it is trying to figure out where stuff goes, bushes, flowers, the tree...   I've stuck some bushes down the side of the path, and a few by the corner of the house.   I broke up the rocks into smaller pieces,  now just need to arrange them into a rockery.   The tree is also waiting for its leaves,  and there is another tree waiting to be covered and painted.     I put the fence in,  I've 'ummed and ahhed' about the fence, but I don't think it looks that bad.  

And spot the pot, filled with greenery.  You can now see the rocks,  the great thing about the kit is that I now have a mold,  which means more rocks.  

I checked on the garden for Thimble Cottage, and the grass was well and truly stuck to the wood.   No way it is coming off as it had with Mod podge, and the PVA...  or the silly cement. That stuff does work with the loose grass, but nothing else.  I'm using some watered down PVA for the bushes.   

And the rear of Thimble Cottage,  a completed roof,  now stuck in place,  as is the chimney.  

The kitchen has been furnished,  need to take a pic.  The furniture is stuck in place, well the stuff is so tiny.  

The camera is making the cottage look 'clean', when in fact it has been aged,  lots of old paper has been dabbed on.  Of course there will be lots of landscaping soon.   Rocks, trees, long grass...  light grass...   path.  

Been a funny old day,  it got very warm during the day, clammy even.  The usual mad British weather I suppose,  tomorrow it will be cold...  so which wardrobe, autumn or summer, perhaps winter?    Who knows.  I've started to get out some of the winter stuff.   Need to sort out the warmer curtains as well,  which are buried in the glory hole, also known as the cloakroom!   That also needs a damn good clear out.    

I'm just relieved to have sorted out the grass problem.   There is apparently a very expensive machine that you can buy that will spread 'realistic' looking grass...  nope I do not intend to go that far!   I'll cope fine with this ready grass now that I know what will stick it down.  

I hope to have the garden for Teacup Cottage almost near completion by the end of the week,  then the next task is Thimble Cottage, oh and the trees.

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