Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Wheels on fire... course not!

I could set a question: what is this?   It could be a trellis, or a window,  in fact it is the underneath of the hut.  I covered it in the lovely decoart paint,  love the stuff, water based so no chance of it staining things, no ruined brushes.  Plus great coverage.  

And wheels, plus axles - ever seen anything so tiny?    It is a good job I have some very tiny brushes,  and pointy tweezers. 

 And the hut, now on its very plain looking base.  The little stove is now in place,  the pipe sticks through the roof. 

The windows are all done, glazed, framed - the works.   The shepherd will be nice and cosy inside.  I've glued the fences together, although they may end up as hedges, still not decided what to do.  The space between them is decided, the stile has to go between them.  Then it has to look like it is in a field of sheep!

Yep, we now have wheels, and steps, no roof!  Need to put on some very small pieces of wood,  I very carefully cut some strips off a piece of balsa.  It's to give it a rustic feel,  same with the outside, drew some lines to give the look of planks using one off my fine liners.  Now I need to mix up a dark wood colour,  with moss. 

I popped along to a few other blogs today, and one : http://craftygasheadzo.blogspot.co.uk/  was all about Positivity, something I struggle with.   I do my best,  but sometimes the glass does look half empty.   Though I don't think that is always a bad thing,  as long as it doesn't last too long.  I hit these downers every few weeks,  sometimes they last for a few days, or can stretch to a few weeks.  But every night I say my prayers and give thanks for the day no matter how rotten it may have been, there is always something to say thank you for.  It can be a thankyou for the sunshine, or someone saying hello,   or making time for you,  maybe the cat jumping onto my lap for a cuddle.  Folk like Zoe are inspirational,  who keep going no matter what,  and who's creations are amazing.  Keep it up.

And that it all from me for tonight.

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