Saturday, 17 October 2015

Making progress

It's Thimble Cottage to start: it now has one and a bit trees,  a small bush and some gravel round the house.  

I've grassed the area around the second tree, and have begun putting on the foliage.  This is going to take a while as it is a large tree.  I added more gravel round the front of the cottage,  but it will be 'grubbied' up tomorrow.   The other tree still needs some underneath foliage to cover the netting.  

The Shepherd's Hut also now has a tree.  Yesterday when I went to Hobbycraft I picked up a pack of bush stuff that goes 'underneath' the actual bush.   It makes a great base for the rest of the foliage.  

I've glued the stile into place,  and added a small bush.  The rocks got a bit more weathering and the gravel.   I had a look in Tesco for some sheep, you'd think they'd have a set of farm animals, but nope, not a one,  well not any that looked like real animals.

A much better photo I think you'd agree? 

I'd spent part of the afternoon photographing some of my stash,  it is up for sale.  Just letting the members of a craft group I belong to have first dibs, then it will begin appearing on Ebay.

I was amazed at how many dies I had, and I've not found all of them!  The next task is to clean up all the stamps, well more like give them a freshen up.  I've taken good care of them.   I washed all the masks this morning,  again I had no idea that I'd acquired so many.  
Of course there is a mountain of paper and card.  Some of it I can still use,  but I really don't fany selling it on Ebay, may use Freecycle and see if I can find some craft groups locally.  

Someone asked me if I was sure I wanted to sell the stash, and the answer is yes.  I've not touched any of it for months.   It is just sitting here, taking up space and gathering dust.  So others may as well make use of it.   Plus it will be nice to have a little extra money.   There will be other stuff making its way onto freecycle,  need to declutter, it would be nice to actually get into the cloakroom.

Well it was grim weatherwise, a very grey day.   No lie in today, well not for me,  Harvey carried on snoozing for another hour after I'd got up, he's turning into a right lazy bones.   Then for me it was a trip to the supermarket, while he snoozed on!   Not seen the supermarket so busy,  all the checkouts were open, and it is a very big Tesco store.   Of course when I arrived home there is Harvey, saying 'hello' then doing his cute act.   He'd already stuffed himself with almost a full packet of Felix for breakfast, so he had to make do with a treat,   later I gave him some cream from my eclair. 

So tomorrow it is more landscaping,  want to see if I can make a hedge as well.  Oh there is a pile of ironing...   yuck.  Any volunteers? 

All for now... 

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