Sunday, 19 October 2008

Tis Autumn

Yup, it is definitely Autumn, grey days, a bit colder, windier and the kids are building bonfires!

Well have paid for my over activity yesterday, knee was sore and strangely so was wrist. Wrist seems to be getting worse since cast was taken off.

Got out the heat pad and plonked it on knee, it was bliss. Then let wrist have a go. Tho felt much better after me bacon buttie. Did keep to exercise plan, in spite of knee objecting, I'm starting to hear cracking noises inside, which I see as a good thing as it means swelling is going down. Not that you can tell, it still looks enormous.

So went back to kitchen for more crafting, finished off two cards I started yesterday, one of them is in pic. I used a clutter card, but used a sheet of mirri foiled card as the actual card, it was just far tooooooooo nice to chop up. Added a few gems to act as baubles, did bend tree using the silicon, did same with the tinsel, and added some green glitter glue. Then found a nice, shiny gold star, which I stuck on top. Photo isn't doing it justice, the mirri card is just gorgeous.

Was making a slide show of all my Xmas cards made so far, but it is refusing to recognise my password! And just spent some money on line, buying a few clothes. Wonder how long you could survive only using the internet for supplies?

Oh, got a surprise yesterday. I'd ordered two ready meals from Tesco's, a cottage pie and a chicken and pasta bake for mum. Cooked them yesterday, bunged both in oven, when I got them out I realised that the chicken and pasta bake had changed into a cauliflower cheese! Wrapper definitely said chicken and pasta bake, but that wasn't what was inside. Wonder what we'll get by way of compensation?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

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