Friday, 17 October 2008

Been a busy girl

Well it couldn't be avoided any longer.... net curtains were filthy and needed to be washed. So strapped on brace and got to it... not sure how but got all of them down, and managed to wash windows. Employed mum's trolley for the window washing stuff. Two hours later I was shattered, leg was complaining like crazy, but net curtains and windows were gleaming.

Leg isn't talking to me today, it has the sulks, it wishes to be left alone. Couldn't manage all of my exercises as it was complaining far too much. I had visions of getting around much better than this, knee is very swollen, wrist is still swollen and both are aching like mad. So had a restful afternoon. Made a few cards, some decoupage, really intricate stuff, and used my silicon glue to build them up. I like silicon glue, especially for fiddly decoupage, you get chance to move it around so it is in the right place, the downside is that it takes time to set. And as I can only craft in the kitchen, that means my crafting time is limited, well there does come a point where you have to given in to hunger!

Oh and made another card from kit, still waiting on another kit from QVC, they tell me it is on its way. Hope it arrives tomorrow. It is a concept kit, xmas cards, but decided to make the cards and give them all to our neighbour, she has been so good. But got another six weeks to hang around here, funny, you'd think it would be bliss... but it ain't no fun when you can't do stuff, normal stuff, like going for a walk, driving the car. Had been hoping to surprise some friends at work, by taking in sick note, using my car to get there - no way jose! Maybe in a couple of weeks...

Have a good weekend, thanks for stopping by

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