Monday, 20 October 2008

Busy getting nowhere...

Another Monday, another exciting week to look forward to - NOT. Hobbled over while it wasn't raining to get some milk, and then took car out for short drive, this time round slightly longer route. Was a bit easier getting in and more importantly getting out! Wondering whether to chance a drive to work, just to surprise them all - would be great to see everyone. Did snap at mum, no sooner have I managed to do two very short drives than she is suggesting I go shopping! What! It will be quite a while before I am up to stuff like that. I can tell we are gradually slipping back to the old ways, she just doesn't seem to realise that the more she does her exercises the stronger she will become! I wish I was as mobile as she is, and to have two proper working hands would be fantastic. Injured paw is still very stiff and sore, and swollen... thinking a trip to an acupuncturist maybe on the cards.

Clean forgot the bibster was on QVC! Knew there was something I wanted to watch! Did watch Strictly Come Dancing, can't say I agreed with John Sargent being saved, he was terrible. Thought the two who had to dance off both deserved to be saved. Have got a soft spot for Andrew Castle, just wish he would relax and do himself justice. He was such a fighter on the tennis court. And Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton did us proud!

Got another couple of Xmas cards made, but still no sign of my QVC parcel... obviously it is takign the roundabout route! Me and some friends are planning a campaign to ask QVC to give us a choice of postage, and also to offer free postage on orders over a certain amount, well other sites do it, so why can't they? Watch this space as there will be a petition very soon.

All for now, Corrie is on!

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