Thursday, 30 October 2008

Funny old day

Had I been capable of springing out of bed I would have, as I thought radio announcer said it was 9.07 a.m., as it turned out it was 8.27 a.m! But Thursdays round here is a busy day, district nurse comes, Tesco delivers shopping between 10 and 12 (usually 10.45)... all go here.

Knee was still muttering about yesterday, and then sulked when I offered to give mum and neighbour a lift! I was assuming as the swelling went down it would be less painful, in fact it seems to be working the other way. Was all gung ho with exercises last week, now they're too damn painful to do. But thigh muscle seems to be slowly reappearing. It did seem to vanish overnight, which was alarming. I'm no keep fit fanatic, but I do like my walks and keep fittish with pilates.

Did do some exercises and knee felt looser, but other knee is also flaring up, it has had far too much to do lately. Actually used the stairlift to take rubbish down other day, just couldn't face walking down stairs as left knee (the good one) is now so painful. Talk about crocked!

But had my LMC session to look forward to :-)) Wanted NOT to stay with the designs in magazine, as nice as they are. So went for a shaker card. Enjoyed putting this together.

Shaker card: take the red card, and use the red/white square swatch of paper, make it into a square 9cmx9cm, measure 1cm for frame, use DST to stick on acetate, and then add either 3d foam squares, or use 3D foam tape (far easier for shaker cards), I used a double layer. Take the parcel paper, again make it 9x9 cm, to fit behind frame, I used the santa, and then added the green/red/silver/black bling for the 'shaker'. Then used the 'Santa is Coming' tag, tho I tarted it up with glossy accents, and tied the gold ribbon thru it.

Will reveal second card tomorrow!

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