Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunshiny day!

Woke up to a lovely blue sky and warmish sunshine. Didn't want to get out of bed as I was soooo snug. Room service would have been just the thing, just fancied a lovely hot buttered piece of toast and a nice cup of tea. Which I got, but only cos I got up and made it, and then stayed up, hardly worth trekking back and forth to bedroom with breakfast. One week to go and plaster cast should come off! That's if i don't yank it off first. Keep on getting an itch in an inaccessible place.

Decided to go get milk from corner shop, thus far trips to shop have been limited to just buying stamps for letters... but was determined to make another breakthru. Still a bit nervous of tackling roads, those by us are so uneven. But sticking to pavements means a longer walk, so more exercise. Felt nice to be out, half wanted to trek down to beach, but didn't think that would be a terribly good idea as it is a half mile walk. But did manage to get milk, corner shop owner was nice, he takes the trouble to get to know his customers, so he asked me about mum and what had happened to me.

So after a bacon butty I settled down to more card making, yep Xmas cards! 12 down, 78 to go! I am at last beginning to think outside the box with this kit, adding gems, and using 3d foam, then thought some mirri card would also look nice on some of them. Tho today couldn't be bothered to get up to go get it. Also mental note to me: order more plain mirri card. Wonder if niece would be up to taking me to a craft shop next weekend... how pitying can I look? Mmmmm

Well last night I did rejig the wires in arial box, and then wished I hadn't. I got my TV working, but to get at the wires I had to get 'down' to them, and that meant using a low stool... fine getting on, not so fine trying to get off! You just don't realise how useful being able to bend your knee is till you can't. So there I was, stuck on stool... contemplating options, launch myself off stool and hope I landed upright, roll off it and head for sofa, stay put till leg heals or someone able bodied rescues me... in the end mum shoved her trolley over, held on to it while I hauled myself up.

One week to go till I see surgeon again, hopefully to get rid of cast off wrist and even better get some sort of brace on leg that allows me to bend it. My little car is looking all forlorn and forgotten... want to get back in her and go for a drive.

More tales from the sick bay soon.

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