Monday, 6 October 2008

blah its Monday...

Woke up with stiff neck, well another bit of me that ain't working properly. Was also in a fed up mood, not helped by a very bad hair day, nor could i be bothered washing the mop. So did battle with hair tongues and at least tamed bit I could see. Whilst in shower was tempted to soak plaster cast - I've had enough of it. Felt sure if mum had indulged in one of her 'self pity' moans I've have seen red. Yep it was 'that' sort of day.

And of course no sign of QVC parcel, how come those down south have got theirs and I'm still waiting? How bloody long does it take to shove pack of mirri card into a box, stick on a label and deliver it 20 odd miles down the road? Course i just want to be able to get into my own car and do my own proper shopping. I mean what is the point of being off sick when you can't do anything?

Oh bother and triple bother... on upside me and a few mates are getting together at end of November, don't care if knee is up to it or not, it is going!

Made 3 cards this afternoon, did choose some easy designs, but one was a bit tricky as it involved a lot of cutting. Pic is of card I made yesterday, loved the rudolph brad, added my own touch by adding a jewel for his eye.

Still not sure about getting the flower soft stuff... may wait till i can drive and take meself off to a decent craft store.

All for now, will go snap myself out of my mood. thanks for stopping by


Blimey said...

Poor you, Cass. I hope today is a better day for you. Nice card though.

Cazzy said...

I'm not surprised you are fed up! Hope your stash arrives soon. Like the card, I have those brads but the paper with it is great!