Thursday, 23 October 2008

A yuck, yucky day!

Was 'orrible this morning, very grey and overcast. Really didn't want to get up, was soooo comy. Had to finally drag myself from my bed, twas a busyish day, with district nurses, supermarket delivery, then physio... and sorting out recycling stuff!

But at last my parcel arrived - Yippeeeee. Really wanted to get stuck in to it, but couldn't as by time it arrived kitchen was full of shopping, then nurse arrived, next it was lunchtime, and after that I had to go brave the elements to get my hair cut.

So I just had to suffice with a long look at it all. It's much nicer than I thought it would be, and should get about 40 cards out of it. Which is just as well as I mean to do some for my neighbour. Will need some white cardstock. Why did my craft central have to close!! It was just about within my present driving limit. Used to love having a wander round it, staff were also nice, always full of advice and happy to have a natter. There is one craft shop, trouble is there is no where for me to park near to it as it is on a very, very busy road.

So now just awaiting set of gel pens, had e-mail saying they're on their way, no doubt they are hitch-hiking their way to me. Unless that is postie is waiting for lightish day to take parcels around. Do feel sorry for posties, they closed our local sorting office and shifted them all up to a central place, which is not really convenient for us public. And posties are now using their cars to get to their rounds, with all the mail shoved in the boot.

At least I got my hair cut, relief as boy did it need some TLC. Just need to whack on the old hair dye now. Was thinking of going grey gracefully, but not sure I suit it. Hairdresser told me ages ago to go lighter, get an ash blonde dye, so I've been doing that, but with wrist in cast all hair dyeing was out of question.

Now must decide which blogskin i want from the blogskin boutique! Love all this clever craftiness.

stay dry

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