Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Far too much excitement...

...Not! Just another day of the usual. Typical tho, I have booked hair appointment for tomorrow and forecast is for wind and rain!

Anways, got on with some adventurous card making. Was having a sort out and found a Flower Fairy calendar, which had 12 different flower fairies to decoupage. Think it must have been free with a magazine. It was fiddly, certainly not for a beginner. But still satisfying, dunno what it is about decoupage, but I do love it, was tempted by some on QVC but resisted. Instead I ordered the set of gel pens, well who can resist glitter? Wonder how long they'll take to arrive? Still waiting for what I ordered last Tuesday and am very UNamused.

I used silicon glue to decoupage the flower fairy, a lot easier than faffing about cutting 3D foam. Learned a neat trick from the Bibster last week, she used silicon glue then showed you how to spread it down the thin bits with a cocktail stick, tho think she used her poky tool. But it did work. Also started a Waterfall card, but haven't got any white (large) cardstock, the one piece of white card I did have was too thick, so it split down fold. Probably should order some cardstock from somewhere. And got one week to come up with amusing poem for a birthday card! And find some motivation... think it has taken a holiday.

thanks for stopping by....

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