Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Time for a change

For the last few days I've been trying to change my slide show, think the gremlins were against me or didn't like my Xmas slide show as twice it got lost in the ether. So decided to get away from cards and go scrapbooking!

Realised I have 3 albums, two are complete, well unless I manage to squeeze in any more pages. One is sort of ongoing, my scrapchallenge album. Which reminds me, got to take my photos for current challenge.

I like scrapbooking, got bored with card making, well not bored, just wasn't wanting to go down the route of making them to sell. Plus no matter how much people ooh an aah over your hand made cards they always flinch when you say the price. Last year I churned out loads of Xmas cards, but was very bored with it all, making up the same designs for quickness and cheapness (cheap as in price, no skimping on quality of stock or work). Whereas with scrapbooking you cn just please yourself, and create something lovely. I can really get lost in scrapbooking, it can take me up to between a day or even a week to complete one page, I won't be rushed, if I decide I need something, ribbons or buttons, then the page has to wait till I find the right one/colour. I also love the freedom, you're not trying to please anyone, just yourself. I also find that I experiment more with scrapbooking than with card making.

Hope you enjoy the new slide show, a few of the pages I've made over the last couple of years, and all are happy memories.

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