Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's Saturday!

Managed to have a min lie in, till 8.30! Once upon a time I would have wallowed in bed till 11 a.m. Didn't even realise it was 8.30, thought it was about 7ish, till I looked at clock. But when you can't snuggle down, what is the point? So I got up and came to in a civilised manner, a couple of cups of tea, ciggie... listening to R4.

Then we had the 'will we/won't we' get out saga. God-daughter was coming over, but using her dad's car, a four door, but her dad checked his policy, and for some reason there was a clause, no under 35s. He didn't even realise he'd agreed to it, and nor did I till I read my policy. Thought GD could come over and then use my car, which has four doors, but nope, I had same clause. Luckily BiL lost rag with insurance company, and threatened to take business elsewhere, suddenly they found a way to update his policy! Only took them 3 bloody hours. So we had an enjoyable lunch out, as usual we caused amusement in pub. And slight chaos in supermarket, would have been more had we allowed mum her wish of wanting to use electric buggie, didn't think that wise, not for a woman who gesticulates all the time, i could forsee a disaster in the aisles! So she got the wheelchair instead. Funny, if someone had told me I'd enjoy walking round a supermarket a few weeks ago I'd have looked at them as tho they were bonkers, but now I'm immobile, such a trip is a luxury.

I did figure out that if I could lay flattish I could drive my car, tho GD didn't think that a good idea. Okay so I might need a periscope... mmmm, maybe not!

Thanks for the lovely comments about yesterdays card, funnily enough it was one I was avoiding making as it seemed so involved. The two today are far more traditional, tho you can't tell I used some glossy accents on the teddy bear, it seemed to give him a bit more life. Hoping to get back to some normal two handed crafting next week.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

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