Saturday, 18 October 2008

I darn well did it!

There I was doing my exercises, and mum handed me a letter from hospital, my physio starts on 7th November! Two weeks away! It is ridiculous - how am I supposed to get back to work when I have to wait so long to see a physio? In an ideal world I'd be seeing the physio now, not that I have that much faith in them, those that saw mum in hospital were next to useless, all they did was walk her up and down the ward, didn't give her any exercises to do. Saw them do the same when I was in hospital, they'd just come in and take a patient for walk down corridor, that was it. Years ago when I broke my right wrist they couldn't help me, kept on trying the same thing to get rid of the stiffness, then one physio said my wrist would probably always be stiff! So I went to an acupuncturist, and he cured my wrist after just two sessions. Best physio I ever saw was the one who treated me for my bad back, she was also a trained chiropractor and really helped me.

So faced with the two week wait, I redoubled efforts on exercises, think my doctor might have had a fit had he seen me trying to haul myself up the stairs, with bad leg going first, so bending it - yes it hurt, but it got better. Andn knee felt a bit looser. I'm bending it a bit better, and trying to walk on it properly. Tho it keeps getting stuck in one position, I think it has loosened up nicely, then I have a rest and it is just as stiff as ever. Can't wait for this blasted swelling to go away. Doc said that there was still a lot of bruising inside, and i've heard that knee surgery is brutal.

Was half thinking about trying to get into car again, but at same time didn't want to be disappointed. Anyway, had another go and this time I managed to get in - yippee! Next challenge was to see if I could move right leg between pedals easily, that seemed to be okay, soooooo, took car for very short drive down road, felt very odd. Had to have seat a little further back than I usually do, so was stretching a bit for the clutch (luckily that is the good leg side). But was happy with my mini acheivement, but won't be going much further than own road till I can bend knee a bit more. Funny tho, parked up car and... I couldn't get out! I forgot to push seat right back, once I'd done that I was okay - a neighbour offered to come to my rescue, and we had a good giggle at my predicament.

By then knee was objecting, so decided to give it some rest and settled down to make some cards. Now got loads to scan, so hopefully will be putting new cards up on blog starting tomorrow.

Also got to order mum some clothes from M&S... enjoy what is left of weekend.

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