Sunday, 26 October 2008

Did you remember?

To put the clocks back? Funny I woke up at 2 a.m, which is the official time you put your clocks back. Remember when I was working nights we had to put the clocks back, ugh, meant an extra hour at work... tho of course it worked out when it was Spring Forward - used to enjoy putting the clock forward then!

Didn't have a very good nights sleep, knee is very painful and its been keeping me awake. Kept on waking up every few hours.

Least I got out, sister came visiting, so we all went out for sunday lunch. Had a lovely roast beef dinner, for once the portions were not enormous, which left room for pud :-)) So I indulged in an apple and blackberry pie. Then we went to beach, not for a walk, that bit isn't possible yet, which was frustrating, just wanted to get out of car and go for a good long walk.

Pic - more of the kanban kit, but it does show the different looks you can get. It really should just be one card. I split the card in two, then I cut out one of the Father Christmases, and used silicon glue to stick him on, then used a round tag like peel off for the greetings,and added some clear gems. Second card, i just left Santa on the card, sticking it on at an angle, with 3D foam. Matted both onto ordinary white card. May add some glossy accents and a bit more glitter.

Now ready to go freelance again, as in: using my own imagination rather than using the kits. This is really the first time I've used a kit, but I have enjoyed putting them together. Do want to go back and add a few bits and bobs to them, extra glitter, gel pen highlights. No QVC show this week, but have caught a few of the C&C shows, was intrigued by the box card decoupage.

Hope you all had a good weekend - stay warm this week, it is going to get cold... brrrrrrr

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