Monday, 27 October 2008

When the north wind doth blow...

We shall have snow, only we, as in this bit of the country, won't - as we rarely do. But deffo colder than yesterday, and chucking all sorts down, rain, hail...

Did not venture far, made it to the wheelie bin! Decided that was quite enough. Knee was complaining about yesterdays activities... gave me jip all night. It is a bit smaller, but seems as the swelling goes down the pain level goes up. Wrist is also a bit of an odd shape... sure it ain't meant to look like it does.

Am back with Papercraft junkies, hopefully this time round nothing will get in the way of taking part. Every other time I've tried some drama has occurred. Hoping now all the dramas are over for this year.

So did a bit more crafting today, hoping that knee will calm down and allow me to go to PC world to get some ink for printer - hadn't realised I was so low on colour. Anyway, to pics. Had a lovely time making these two cards, yep the Kanban kit, but did really want to get away from their suggestions. I split up the decoupage so as to make two cards

First card (left side) chopped the gold off the background and then layered it onto gold, and then green mirri card, then put on now plain background, and then decoupage. Was wondering how to finish off card when spotted a punch I've had for 3 years and hardly used, a holly leaf punch, a tiny one, so made use of that and punched out four holly leaves for the corners, and found some tiny red gems to act as berries.

Second Card: took what had been the base of the decoupage, then cut an inch or so off white card, chopped up background, putting one bit on 'inside' of card, then chopped out gold outline and stuck that on front, then stuck on teddy mat. It still 'needed' something, so punched out more holly leaves from the green mirri card, adding 3 to top and bottom, plus red gems.

Got five more sheets left in kanban kit, which should make me ten cards, or more... got ideas for the tall cards, may get three out of them. At last the old imaginative juices are flowing! Now feel ready for a few challenges.

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