Saturday, 4 October 2008


Ain't it cold... tho we weren't deluged as promised by weather folk, got off lightly. But got showery rain, which seemed to time it perfectly for when I was thinking of going out for walk... so no fresh air today. Just lots of walking round flat.

So there I was, all dressed and waiting for two parcels, hoping my mirri card would arrived and wondering when the TV would turn up. So got all excited when answered intercom to find a woman saying; got a package for you. Goodie, mirri card! Only it wasn't, it was the TV! Oh knickers... see plan had been to ask delivery men to heave old set downstairs, and unpack new TV. But that plan was obviously NOT going to happen. So what to do? Luckily a neighbour and his wife came to our rescue, he lumped old TV downstairs, while his wife tuned in new TV. Phew... thought we'd be lumbered with new TV in packaging and mum fretting that she would miss Strictly Come Dancing!

So we have a shiny new TV, all singing and all dancing, got that many gizmos think it may also toast bread. But picture is great, it being a flat screen and HD. Just got the 20 inch, what bugged me is that the 20 inch and 32 inch TVs were the same price, but the 23 inch were much more expensive - don't make sense. Just got to re-jig wires, as my TV (in bedroom) has no digi service. We have a booster box for the arial, so we can run two TVs off it.

Two more Xmas cards, they are fun to make. Really enjoyed making the Santa coat card, loved the coat hanger, but did back the coat on to some card and used 3d foam behind it. Other one was more tricky, with the bow, I'm normally okay tying them, but it was a tad more involved with one arm sort of out of action. Did take very long time today to get one card made, seem to be slowing down, but having to prop up leg makes my back ache, did manage to cut out another card, will put that together tomorrow.

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