Thursday, 9 October 2008

That's better!

Shook off the fed upedness, and old friend rang me, she must have known I was in need of a bit of a cheer up. So we had a good banter. Then yesterday took myself off out, well via taxi and sat outside cafe bar for the afternoon, nice basking in the sunshine. So felt far more human.

Had busy day today, for some silly reason I arranged for the shopping to be delivered early, so it meant getting up and washed earlyish. Had to sort out rubbish, recycling bin, food bin... I am getting plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs! Then mum was off to hospital, ambulance should have picked her up around 12.30, 3 hours later and she is still waiting! It finally arrives 30 minutes after her appointment, when she gets on she discovers that one poor chap had been sitting on ambulance for over an hour, and had also missed his appointment. She went anyway, but didn't get back till 5.30. Crew did not seem bothered that they were so late getting patients to hospital.

I sneaked onto scales, felt sure I must have put some weight on, luckily I haven't, phew. Tried not to over indulge, and do try to keep moving as much as possible. If I can't get outside then I march round flat a few times a day. Also did some ironing. At end of all that my knee was protesting very loudly.

Well got weekend away to look forward to in November, hotel is booked, being picked up by a friend and chauffered to it! Going to have 3 days of bliss. Well it is a bit of a retreat, some holistic thing, but sounds just like what I need. This is what I'm going to, run by actress Lindsay Wagner, she teaches a type of meditation

Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart
Two Day Workshop

South Yorkshire, England
Nov. 29 - 30, 2008

No crafting for last couple of days, cards are from weekend. Do want to get started using the foilded mirri card, but am a bit nervous of using it. Got birthday card to also sort out, I'm hoping there is one in my stash.

All for now.

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