Friday, 31 October 2008

Hitting the brick wall...

Well guess the creative juices had to slow down to a trickle at some point, and they did today. Mind you my plans got upset! Plan was: take mum for mini shopping trip at supermarket, leave her and neighbour at cafe bar, me to go back home and craft for a couple of hours, and enjoy some peace and quiet. Sadly by time we came out of supermarket it was very chilly with a bitterly cold wind blowing, mum nor neighbour felt like sitting outside cafe bar! So we all came home, then mum started faffing in kitchen, meaning I couldn't get near table to craft. So was all edgy, and that never bodes well for a productive crafting session. Would love just to have a craft room, somewhere all set up that I could go bury myself in.

So did try, but just ended up with a messy table, kept switching from one thing to another and getting nowhere fast. Think also being on edge last night didn't help, it being Mischief night. We had one kerfuffle, a couple began ranting at gang of kids, have no idea what had gone on, but couple ensured that we all had a peaceful night by scaring off the gang. But you do feel worn out worrying about what could happen, what the yobs will get up to. A couple of years ago a neighbour had their car flipped over, I had a cake mix chucked over mine, sounds harmless but the stuff has sugar in it and if it sticks to the paint work it means a respray. I did catch the culprit, and flipped, really lost my temper with her, verbally that is... That is not mischief, that is vandalism. When we were kids our idea of being naughty was to turn someone's gate round the wrong way, or knock on the door and then leg it. Annoying yes, but not damaging to property or people.

Think the russell/ross debacle has clearly shown the dividing lines between the generations. I found the whole thing disgusting and NOT amusing. Would Ross like someone talking about his daughters the same way - I doubt it? I sometimes listen to Ross at the weekend and he can be amusing, I find Brand utterly unamusing. They say they are 'edgy' more like pathetic, using bad language and crudeness in an attempt to be funny. And I am sick of bad language being used by all on TV, when did it become acceptable? Ramsay has admitted that he would not use foul language in front of his own children, so why does he think it is okay to swear on TV? Was going to watch Jaime trying to convert a town to healthy eating, but after hearing him swear I switched over.

Ooh, feel better now.

Oh pic! My aperture card, made using LMC stuff. Take the gold card, cut a circle near to top, big enough to take the stocking. I cut the white/gold star swatch of paper and cut it into a square, then cut a circle out, same size as on card (size of circle is up to you, mine was 7.5 cm), backed it on to some card, used 3D foam to attach it. Punched hole in stocking, and card, used the silver 'string' to attach it to card.

Hoping to get some scrapbooking done over weekend, fingers crossed printer has enough ink to print photos....

Have a lovely weekend

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