Friday, 10 October 2008


How did we get to Friday? Seems only like yesterday it was Monday... keep having to look at the calendar to get some sense of time. Have resigned myself to this being a long job, took slightly longer walk round to surgery today, to pick up prescription, but by time I got back leg was really sore and stayed sore all day. Getting horrible pains in knee, can't bear to touch it as is feels 'odd', kind of a sick feeling.

Was also an odd day weather wise, very grey and threatening skies but nothing happened, they kept on moving over us.

So nowt for it but to settle into some crafting, and cursing at cast! Made two cards, one that I will upload tomorrow, and this one, which I decided to make far more involved than it was. And also spent a good five minutes looking for black thread in kit, before reading instructions to learn that you had to use a black pen to draw them! Was going to mat and layer square onto some silver mirri card, but again couldn't be bothered to get up to get it. Should really be photoing the insides as they are also decorated. Liked this one as it was so pretty with the stars.

Mum went to see doc at hospital yesterday, he asked about me, and apparently commented on my injury, but no-one will tell me what he actually said, tho bro said ominously: it will be a long job! Great. Got list of questions to ask next week, replies to them will determine whether I put in a claim.

Well got my god-daughter coming over tomorrow, will twist her arm to get me to a craft shop! Cannot stand this much longer, being reliant on websites, as nice as they are. Need to go have a good look.

Have a good weekend all.


Jane said...

This is a wonderful card!

Blimey said...

Lovely card again, Cass. Hope you are enjoying the craft shopping today!