Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I'm a very smiley happy person!

Funny I set the alarm for 7 a.m., so I could get a shower and wash hair before going to fracture clinic - and blow me I wake up at 6.55 a.m! Was in pessimistic mood, felt sure summat would go wrong somewhere, it has been like that all year - a banana skin year.

So off I goes, and get miserable cab driver as well. Clinic was running late, so what's new? After 30 mins got sent off to have cast taken off arm, and there was no way I was going to allow them to put on another! Seemed funny having my 'arm' back, and had forgotten how stiff limbs get when trapped in plaster for a few weeks. Tis still a bit sore and stiff, but it will soon ease up, if not I'm off for acupuncture, it worked a treat last time. Then has to see consultant, or rather one of his juniors, who first asks me if I've been walking without splint... er no is the answer, cos I was told to keep darn thing on all the time. The junior type glances at my x-rays and says... ooooh, it is 'that' knee. Scuse me, 'that knee'? Seems my knee has become famous! So off I goes for x-rays, junior doc ain't taking any risks with 'that knee'. So back to see proper consultant, and he is happy, glad he was, not sure I wish to have so much metal work in my knee. But we did agree that I could start driving by end of week, and I can take off splint round house and in bed. Still a struggle to lift leg up, in fact doc lifted it up and told me to try and hold it there, I think I managed 2 seconds, which he was chuffed with.

So can start to do some proper crafting at last. Oh by the way it is official, crafting is therapy! Doc was advising physio for stiff wrist, and I mentioned I did a lot of crafts, he said: Excellent, that will get it going. So there you are, next time someone moans about your crafting you can say it is therapuetic!

Right off to stretch things that need to be stretched.

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