Wednesday, 23 April 2008

What planet is he on?

I know this is a craft blog, but I am furious... hopping mad.... eager to thump someone... namely Gordon Brown! What planet does that man inhabit? Cloud Cuckoo land by any chance? I was angry when they announced the abolition of the 10p tax band, it will cost me £10 a month! Today he annouces his 'bribe' help for pensioners under the age of 65 and those under 25 with families, and as for the rest of us it was a big 'get stuffed'.

I'm single, not of pensionable age, do not work enough hours to qualify for tax credits, and although I have a chronic back problem I chose not to register as disabled, nor did I choose to claim benefits, instead I was stupid to decide that I preferred to earn a living.

Each day in my library I watch as the bone idle wander in, oh after having signed on, as job centre is next door. None have any intention of seeking work, their only intention is to see how many hours they can sit at our computers, in chat rooms, or playing games. My blood boils when I see them, I have no time for any of them, they have been bludging off me and you for years. Then I see the young Poles, they come in to e-mail home, they are often working two jobs, and work damn hard. While our whingeing lot just moan about the job they've been sent to be interviewed for doesn't pay much, or the hours are long... grrrrr. They should get off their backsides and do some work, we should stop allowing them to claim benefits year after year.

It is not only the bone idle that I am paying for, now I am paying to shore up the banking system, I don't recollect any bank in this country reporting a loss last year! They, Brown, pumped in 50 bn of your and my money yesterday into the banking system, that is on top of the 75 bn it has cost us (so far) to bail out the stupid Northern Rock. It would cost a paltry 7bn to reinstate the 10p tax band... tho how they derive that figure is beyond me. No doubt it also comprises of the number crunchers needed to reinstate it.

As for our pampered MP's, how much more do they want? They have subsidised bars and restaurants in Westminster, claim back all admin costs, claim horrific amounts for their second London homes (stick them in a hostel, they only need somewhere to sleep and a study area), and some even have the gall to claim for their TV licence! They CHOOSE to be an MP, no-one twists their arm - if successful the idea is that they SERVE the interests of the people they represent. Remember that, they are our SERVANTS - we are their employers. Bear that in mind next time you meet an MP - you are paying his/her wages and over inflated expenses.

I've e-mailed two local MP's, one who I thought was on my side, but who now appears to have been assuaged by Brown's bribe - how dim can you be? And how insulting it is to us, they must think we are thick... well I ain't. I will not vote Labour next week... I hope the Labour party gets hammered next week in the local elections. And I won't vote Labour again till it gets a decent leader.

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