Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Me, myself and I

A day off work, a spot of cleaning someone else's house and then supermarket shopping... not what I ordered - hey ho. But better than being in work and enduring the boss on a rant... hopefully by tomorrow she'll be running out of steam. For my money she (the boss) is making far too much out of things, she is in need of a sharp reality check.

Cleaning job at moment is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.... they're having a new kitchen fitted so there is dust everywhere. As fast as I clean up it all gets dirty again. Fortunately today the builders had stopped knocking stuff down and drilling things... so I got a chance to do a proper clean. Home for a quick buttie and then off for a slow walk round supermarket, as mum decided to come along... she is also trying to give up smoking, frankly if I were 79 and had smoked for this long, and was only smoking 9 ciggies a day then... I keep on puffing. She is also due to go in for a hip operation, so is already stressed with prospect of op, so does she need any extra stress, more importantly do I NEED any more stress? Noooooooo.... mind you had a laugh the weekend, mum rang the no smoking hotline on Saturday to discover that it is only available between Mondays and Fridays... so if you want help giving up at the weekend, forget it.

Pic - it was taken in 2003, at the Universal Sheraton Hotel in LA, on a Sunday night, and I have no recollection of it being taken, and I was sober... sadly! Oh if only you all knew what had been going on before that photo was taken! I used paper from a Sarapapers book, sort of fell in love with Sarapapers, they just seem to fit every occasion. Just kept it simple with a bluish/purple paper for the background, and a patterned paper down one side, mounted photo with some photo mounts, then just used some simple white chipboard letters.

I do remember what we had done that day in LA, got up early, think we were still on GMT time, we headed for the beach, a twenty odd mile trip, cab driver thought we were bonkers. But we had a fab time on Venice Beach, I got cab driver to drop us off at were Venice Beach starts, then we just ambled our way along, dropping into shops along the way, my two companions were a bit wary at first, thinking I was leading them down a blind alley... but they to fell in love with Venice Beach. By time we got to the extremely zany Ozzie bar, we were zoned out, far too many of the open shops had been burning exotic substances... but boy were we happy! We found a nice place to eat, just near the well know outdoor gym... muscle city - full of posers. Then headed back to Universal, on journey back we got a great cabbie, he took us the short route back and saved us a fortune. I may tell you the rest of the story.... of what happened later that evening, between when we got back and when the photo was taken!

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