Thursday, 3 April 2008

Me, myself and I - part two

Got to work today and felt like a non-person, boss ignored me when instructing other senior assistant in what needed to be done! Charmed I'm sure... but this is what my boss does, if she gets the hump with someone (or in this case two of us, who were actually following her instructions) she ignores you. Me, I'd rather get it all out in open, exchange words and then kiss and make up, but not our boss.... oh no, she likes to sulk. So I just ignored her, and ignored everyone else, and just did my own thing. Well frankly I am sick of being walked all over, of having to do their job as well as mine, and try to fit in other stuff.... so instead, I just did my stuff, and buried my head in a display and the poster for it.... so I yelled at junior types to do their job as in - serving people. One in particular loves to avoid serving anyone, he'd much rather appear too busy to lower himself.... tough, cos today I refused to be distracted. Also he and senior colleague really got my goat.... and this may sound dumb, but it is 'share' time. A customer had bought nearly 30 books from our booksale, sadly for him we'd been instructed not to offer any free bags (old supermarket bags that we and customers supply), so I said I'd go get him a box... senior colleague tried to remind me that we weren't supposed to offer any bags etc.... as did annoying junior.... I ignored both. I mean what was this chap supposed to do, how was he going to carry 30 books out of the library! I was doubly annoyed as this chap actually buys the books from us then hands them to his wife who runs a charity shop... grrrrr, so he was trying to help his wife and my colleagues were being very, very unhelpful. I did what I rarely do, I outranked her... and went off for a box... then oddly enough having told boss I was looking for bags/boxes for this customer, she just handed me a few bags and said: quite right, he should be given the right help. Mmmm, one minute I am persona non grata, next I am back in the fold. Oh I just plug away, and ignore our boss's silly mood swings.

Pic: from way back in 1991. My first ever trip to the US, and to Los Angeles. The photos were taken during a dinner at El Cholos, not far from Santa Monica.... they feature some old friends, all indulging in margueritas... and a certain actress who paid for dinner and the drinks bill - which came to more than the food bill - something that chuffed her! Hang on, it wasn't just me and two friends, it was 25 others, 8 Americans, all on orange juice, and the rest were Brits, doing their duty and were following the host's orders... to enjoy themselves, so they did. Please note the 'they' did bit, I was in fact in agony, having hurt my back earlier in the day, and on strong painkillers... so I wasn't indulging. Good thing really considering the state of some when they got back to the hotel!

Essential details: well it was an early scrapbook attempt, I'd bought a book of Sarapapers (great for first time scrapbookers as they are themed, and come with ideas). I used a sheet of purple diamond patterned paper, used a mat of black glittery card top and bottom, put the lettering on that using peel offs, cut one photo into a circle (do consider cropping photos, scan them first and work with copies).

To anyone considering venturing into scrapbooking, but who feel daunted by the thought - just do it. I had bought an 8x8 album, a complete album, and it gathered dust for about a year. Then someone on a group started scrapbooking and I thought - oh go on, have a go. So I bought a 12x12 album, and two books of Sarapapers, plus other bits and... had a go... I then realised that scrapbooking is personal. It is about capturing memories, those moments in your life that were amusing, important, sad... and just expressing what they meant to you. Yep you can go to the extreme and begin to create some really arty layouts, but it is really about capturing memories...

I've now filled two scrapbooks, half filled an8x8 album... and have many more photos to scrap, and many more albums to fill. I like nothing better than to sit and create a scrapbook page. In fact I enjoy it more than making cards.

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