Tuesday, 22 April 2008

What's going on?

I often think I've landed in the twilight zone at work. Today was no exception. I knew summat was up when boss wanted a 'talk', immediately I racked brain for any misdeeds on my part, nope, couldn't think of any! All was in order on Saturday, cash was correct, everyone had read and signed new lot of important emails.... soooo off we went to office. And, turns out to be a storm in a book jacket. Some twerp had complained that staff were changing his record details, namely his 'title', he was a Laird, not a Mister... you just couldn't make it up! Actually there is more to this, but sadly can't go into detail, let's just say it involves someone buying a square foot of Scottish land and falling for the scam that says you can now call yourself 'Laird', which simply means Landowner. Chap was upset, thinks there is a vendetta.... and I just rolled my eyes, we've all got too much to do than to start unnecessarily altering record details.

After that dizzying encounter I busied myself with designing a new leaflet... was determined that one lazyish junior oik would do his share of work for a change, rather than parking his bottom on chair behind desk - his favourite position. I had to laugh tho, as our newbie has now wised up to lazy so and so...

But it was another lovely day, I'm half in summer gear, may even dare to get rest of summer stuff out and shove it in washing machine for a freshen up. No doubt after I've washed and ironed it all winter will return!

Got home to find Postie had left parcel for me! A very BIG parcel - my scrapbook templates, see pic. Got five templates, plus a small travel scrapbook kit. The templates look interesting, think they may help me get out of my rut. And just a few days to go to the craft fair! Been chucking money in a pot, well one does need to go with a decent amount of money.

Dropped into to the QVC craft hours, liked some stuff, but with the craft fair approaching I resisted buying anything. They also had the winners from the CB competition, lucky ladies got to play with all those kits all afternoon! Wonder if they get anything to take home with them?

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Jane said...

Oh sweet it sounds like you have had a right day of it all in all ;) Nevermind, tomorrows another day :)
J x
aka Draytonlady on CB