Friday, 4 April 2008

Me, myself and I - part 3

Another day, but this time I went prepared - to work that is. I've decided to walk to the beat of my own drum, and stuff the lot of them, including the boss! I've had it with banging my head against a brick wall as regards getting junior staff to do what they are supposed to do, and getting other senior staff to agree to how we do it, fat chance as they all nod in agreement then do their own thing, then moan when the junior staff stuff up. So why should I care? Especially when our boss comes back from a meeting, fails big time to spot the things we have done and zones in on what is awry, mostly due to her inept planning. Not our fault that the paperback section is bereft of stock, that is what she wanted done, so we did it, and now she is moaning! So she can moan. Do I care, nope.

So today I buried myself in the reference section, one senior colleague tried to get me to get junior to do it, but I ignored that and did my own thing. At least I now know that the ref is all in order, and in good order. I then tidied up the large book section, which has been in a mess for weeks, yet my fellow senior colleagues tell me that it has been tidied constantly.... yeah, funny how the same pile of books has been laying on the same chair all week. Sorry, but just have to share.

To more pleasureable things; my pic! Or pics. All taken in LA in 1991, one was taken in Santa Monica, the other outside CC Browns on Hollywood Blvd, tho I couldn't find CC Browns in 2003/4 - it was a brilliant ice cream parlour, near to Mann's Chinese Theatre. We'd stuffed our faces then struck a daft pose outside, the staff thought we were bonkers. As for the bikes, well that was the first time I'd been on a bike in 20 odd years, tho it is true, you never forget! But we did confuse the Americans, we kept to the left side of the track, so they had to keep avoiding us. Got kinda tricky at one point, when suddenly it dawned on us the bikes had no brakes, well they did, you had to back pedal, as one of my friends did inadvertently and went headlong into the sand. The dollar bill has all the signatures of my friends from the trip. Dead simple layout, who says scrapbooking is hard? Orange card, frame, few embellishments... and a page. Means much to me, and that is all that counts.

Have a good weekend and keep warm

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