Friday, 11 April 2008

And.... flop....

Another week over. It has seemed like a very long week.

Now excuse me while I have a giggle :-) I've just been trawling the net to try to find a gingham pattern to print out, so I can make a baby shoe.... just realised, having looked at pic that I have some in my scrap stash! Doh!

Baby shoe will be finishing touch to exploding box, took it into work today to show soon to be grandma, she was thrilled with it. Now just got to wait for the final photos - of new baby, and mum, dad and baby.

Did try to do some crafting, it was all going so well then my hand slipped and I made a mess of it, a mess that for once can't be undone, or hidden - rats! Had this idea to make a baby card, but to make the card into a crib, using the tiny die cut in the latest issue of LMC as a sort of template. Will have to start over tomorrow, almost had it, but just botched the outline. Would have carried on, but had to stop to make dinner, mum was too tired and too sore to cook, tho she wouldn't admit it! Obviously she's overdone it again today. Just wish she learn to be patient, she's only got two more weeks and she'll have her new hip.

Did talk to boss about me going back to old rota, actually discovered that she can't stop me, all this is coming from occupational health and personnel, apparently if I chuck a hissy fit I get what I want! Not that I would, nor did I, just had a chat with her and she agreed, tho I also agreed to compromise, that is not to switch to old rota till 5th of May, since she has made up rotas till then. Thought that fair enough. This is what is frustrating about my boss, she can be the most infuriating person, then she can be a very kind and thoughtful soul... she even let my colleague nip out to sort out some bank stuff during working hours. Possibly this is all because this week we have all worked darned hard.

Pic - from what I call my 'odds and sods' scrapbook, which is full of odd photos, well not 'odd' in that way :-P The photo was taken in Little Crosby, just by its spooky church! It is of my 3 friends, it was a nice one to scrap. Used the paper from Sarapapers, seasons, cropped the photo, then arranged some strips of vellum around it to make a frame, then decorated one side with some buttons and jewels, added a few die cuts.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have cracked my crib card! Hope so, really want to make it. Just nice to think out side the box a bit.

Thanks for visiting and listening to my ramblings...

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