Thursday, 17 April 2008

More stuff!

Got two parcels today, one from Cottontraders and one from QVC. Sadly the stuff from cottontraders has to go back, thought it might as I can never judge sizes from catalogues. Ordered 3 T shirts, medium and they are more like XL! So I'll have to send them back and get the smaller size. QVC parcel was one I'd forgotten about, it was scrapbook stuff, some papers and stickers, all grandparent orientated, the stickers are fab, as are the papers.

It was sort of a work free day, but did go to my cleaning job, I was all on my own, the family is away, so I could get on with stuff. Mind you it is a bit like painting the Forth bridge at the moment as they're having a new kitchen fitted, the place has never been so dusty. Think all the dusty work has now been done, hope so! Was hoping to get some crafting done today, instead I waded thru a pile of ironing. I hate ironing, my method is to just iron stuff as I need it, but that annoys mum, who then insists on doing it, which she shouldn't do as she can't stand for long. Roll on her hip operation!

Pic is of my card I entered for the LMC challenge. I took the yellow and orangy cards, used one for the card, then the others to do the weaving. Then took most of the egg die cuts and arranged them in the basket, used the lacy ribbon to go round the handle and bottom of card. Then finished it off with a butterfly and Happy Easter. The kits made life easier, they are all well coordinated. I used a compass cutter to get the shape of the basket, and cut the handle. That bit was fiddly as I didn't want to cut a circle, but half circles to get the shape, so had to keep moving the cutter.

Did think at one time that the compass cutter had been one of my worst buys as it had been gathering dust in my craft box for far too long. Now it is much used, found it great when scrapbooking, very useful for cropping photos.

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