Saturday, 26 April 2008

Aching feet and an empty purse....

I'm not long back from the craft fair at Aintree. Have aching feet and a sore back, had back not been protesting so much I would have stayed a bit longer.

On left is what I got! Loads of lovely, lovely stuff. I had a walk round first, seeing what was what and noting stands to come back for closer inspection. Headed first for stand that was selling everything for a pound, couldn't believe my luck. Got two packs of mirri card, gold and silver, plus some jewelled brads, some patterned brads, two rolls of easy lift DST and some dome cards (whatever they are) which intrigued me. Mooched round looking for scrapbook stuff, found stand that had some lovely papers and 12x12 pearlescent card (perfick for exploding boxes), got that and some scalloped mats. Almost got some plain chipboard stuff but thought the better of it, afterall that is what a robo is for - cutting shapes. Moved on to another stand, got some lovely ribbon, baby ribbon - so gorgeous! And spotted some card kits, a bit unusual, plumped for the masquerade kit - will make a nice card for my niece. Did note that the embossing paste is now taking off big time, funny a year ago no-one had heard of it, now there is a growing industry of templates for it. Most of the stands had good offers, some were, I noted, selling stuff at usual price... and a few (my pet hate) hadn't bothered to price stuff! I hate that. Sadly no decent scrapbook kits to be had anywhere, lots of nice papers. Also picked up some decoupage stuff. Spotted a lot of layered decoupage, or what I call pyramid decoupage, sadly most of what was on offer was in large kits, too expensive, the rest were on CDs... then spotted some clutter cards, joy.... shortlived, again they were kits, and they wanted £25 for them. Probably good value, but I would have preferred if they had also sold some individual sheets.

Had to duck outside by this point, was getting far too hot, it was my only gripe, they really needed to open a few more doors and get some ventilation going. Did chat to people, some were delighted to find themselves inside the racecourse, many had already had a stroll round the course (tho it was almost dismantled, just a few of the fences were still intact). One lady told me that she'd been talking with the organiser who had been thrilled with the large crowds, as was Aintree, looks like we may get ourselves a regular craft show. Hope so, beats travelling to Manchester.

I am tho continually surprised by crafters, all are lovely people, but some appear to have bottomless bank accounts. Lady I spoke to was planning to go to the second show in Manchester, then the one in Bolton, she had been to the NEC... think her credit card was quivering in her purse. Same with QVC, I can only assume that a lot comes back to QVC, got a sneaky feeling that some people are taking full advantage of the 30 money back thing.... in fact I've been told not to bother going to the QVC outlets for craft stuff, as the kits have been decimated. Think that is a bit of a cheek really, I couldn't use a kit then send it back. One thing to buy it and get it home, have a good look at it and send it back, quite another to start using it and then return it.

Happy, happy day.... and will be happy tomorrow, when I am playing with it all!

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