Thursday, 10 April 2008

April showers

Funny old day, woke up to sunshine, felt much warmer... by time I got to work the storm clouds were hovering, mid morning it teemed down, then it went back to being spring - one can never say that our weather is boring!

Work wasn't too bad, boss was busy with coffee morning, so was confined mostly to ref area - pheeew... which left us in relative peace. Wanted to talk to her about going back to my old shifts, can't cope with current rota and being in for four days on run... but coffee morning bit ran on, so didn't get chance. But being in company of two cheery souls cheered me up, plus a few daft conversations with people, one was very odd indeed! Was doing my bit of trying to persuade people to go have a cup of coffee and asked a lady dressed from head to toe in red! She was really nice, but nope, she couldn't drink coffee made her go all hot and go to the loo, so I said we could make her a nice cup of tea, but she didn't like tea.... so I made a joke that it was a pity we couldn't serve any wine... and yep, you've guess that was also off limits, and she'd run 3 pubs!

Decided ordering anything more from QVC, we've got a new garden centre and it is supposed to have craft stuff, so may pay it a visit on Saturday. A colleague at work had paid it a visit, tho she soon realised that she and her friend were a bit, er premature, they saw that the car park was full of cars so thought that the place must be open, so went in, sure enough place was full of people, so they began to look around, finally an assistant told them that the garden centre was actually closed to the public, and that they were having a dry run with all their friends and families! Exit one red faced colleague!

Came close to buying the CB mag, but having just got LMC didn't really want another card mag... what I'd really like is for someone to make a Let's Scrapbook mag... complete with lots of freebies and lots of ideas. So went charging round supermarket, then got mildy annoyed at checkout, checkout assistant obviously knew the lady she was dealing with as there was a permanent stream of chatter, but not a lot of action. I forgave her when she was very pleasant to me and also apologised for keeping me waiting.

Card - is my springy card, apparently made to my own design, tho I thought I was following a pattern! I'd seen it on QVC, but didn't manage to get on the phone in time to get the kit (what do these people do, sit there armed with phone, with QVC on speed dial?!) So I was still intrigued, then found a pattern on some site, had a look and felt I could manage it. But it seems I managed to make up my own design! Which I guess is what these designers must do, they must start playing with stuff and see what happens. Doggy is from jollynation. I'm a big fan of Jolly Nation and Beth Hughes, her stuff is fab.

I do remember something from my screenwriting course: There is no right way to write, but there is a wrong way! Same I think applies to card making and scrapbooking, there is no one right way to do it, but there is a wrong way - just don't ask what the wrong way is, tho my guess is that you know when you see it.

Only one day of St Johns Wort and I'm feeling much more upbeat, think also the anti stress tabs are kicking in! Or is it the red wine... hey ho, who cares

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