Monday, 14 April 2008

Marvellous Monday!

When the alarm went off this morning (it is such a sweet alarm clock, it starts with a gentle beeping and then gets louder!) I just wanted to turn over and go back to sleep, just did not want to go to work. But I forced myself, and got a nice surprise from boss, she was in understanding mode, so was nice to me. Alas work mates were in their usual selfish mode. I like my colleagues as people, have a good laugh with them, but I just feel I am being taken for granted. Again I was left on my own at the counter, which meant dealing with 3 phones, serving customers, booking computers, dealing with idiots on computers, phone enquiries etc, while the others buried themselves elsewhere in peaceful parts of the library. The counter work is the most stressful part of the job, as you are constantly multi tasking, plus our newest assistant is not exactly speedy, I'm allowing for the fact that she is 'new' on the other hand she has now been with us for 8 weeks, so plenty of time to speed up on certain tasks... instead she just takes her own sweet time. Last week she took 30 minutes just to check the papers and magazines, I discovered that she hadn't changed the date stamps, or switched on any of the computers! Got no idea where she goes when she is shelving returned books, other than it takes her 3 times as long as everyone else. She really has to speed up and learn how to multi task, we're a busy library, everyone has to be pulling their weight.

I escaped home at 2pm... by then it had warmed up and it was a lovely spring day, lovely sunshine, just a slight breeze. So went for a walk to high street, had bizarre experience in post office. Chap in front of me looked 'odd', he went to counter and asked assistant to give him 'all the money', he joked about having a 'gun' in his bag... neither I or the assistant found him funny at all. I ended up being served by same assistant so I sympathised with her, she told me he'd been lucky, she had felt like hitting the alarm button. I wouldn't have blamed her if she had. Had he tried the same thing at an airport he would have been arrested. Lord knows why he thought it 'funny' about joking that he had a gun.

Got home, logged on to the CB site to find - I had won the LMC challenge. I was gobsmacked. I'd picked my winner (max if you wish to know), there had been so many stunning entries I didn't think my card stood a chance. I just sat there, staring at the screen, thinking: I'm dreaming! I've only ever entered one competition before (one where you had to submit your work) and I won that, that was a playwrighting competition, many years ago! I was all shaky, and I mean - shaky. It was a shock, but a very nice shock! Just been having a horrid time of things, then suddenly it seems the wheel has turned a little and good things are happening.

Pic: it isn't quite finished, it 'needs' something, tho go no idea what! Sort of followed a layout in the back of the sarapapers book I got, but added my own thing to it. Made me realise how much I like sarapapers! Must get some more books, they're so easy to use.

Well had much needed glass of wine, so now need to go make a cuppa.

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