Sunday, 13 April 2008

feeling drained....

Got horrible shock last night, had filled sink in bathroom to have a quick freshen up, when I emptied it the water came back up the bath plug hole! Oooer... no time to do anything, was on my way to my niece's house, she was having her 3rd engagement party! Sounds OTT, but rather sensible, first party was for fiance's family, second was for her friends, and 3rd was for us lot. Best of all she had catered for us smokers by putting up the biggest tent in the garden I've ever seen!

I had a bit of a lump in my throat, in prime spot on mantlepiece my niece had placed the waterfall card I'd made her, plus the exploding box, which I made for mum to give to niece/grand-daughter. Then niece said she was wondering if I'd consider making her wedding stationary. I also promised to make her a scrapbook of her engagement parties, plus one for her wedding. She was chuffed. May buy a new usb stick, be easier to go get the photos from her than wait for her to start e-mailing them to me, might also get them printed off at Boots.

So my Sunday morning was spent unbunging the pipes in bathroom, which meant taking off bath panel, other bits, taking off bits of pipes, pouring down stuff... several bottles of it and then hoping! In between I watched the London marathon, I do marvel at these people, but never feel any compunction to have a go, not that my knees or back would let me. But it has become a ritual, spend morning watching other people run round for 26 miles, while I munch on bacon butty, drink tea and read papers.

Right in middle of doing the pipe unbunging got a nice surprise, a call from a friend I've not heard from in a year or so. We sort of mutually broke off the friendship for a while, she hadn't been well and had been suffering with severe depression, I just felt I wasn't helping her as I was kind of attached to what had caused her depression. Not directly, but linked to it in an innocent way. Seemed my judgement was spot on, she agreed that it was the best thing to do, well with hindsight, but we had a nice, friendly chat, it was nice to hear her voice again, and to hear her so cheerful again. We've both left all the rubbish behind, and neither of us wish to return to certain subjects. We've agreed to just take it slow this time round, just drop in on each other's lives every now and then, just to see where we go.

So pipe unbunging, marathon watching, friendship mending (oddly enough my horoscope said I'd get a call from someone from my past!) and finally some crafting. I did do some yesterday, spent an entire afternoon making a baby shoe, seen one on the CB forum and thought it would be perfect for the baby exploding box, I found a pattern for it, and then tried my hand at making it. Got it right on second attempt!

Today tho it was back to scrapbooking. This was a nice photo to scrap, my brother and his grandson Joe. Tho I had to do some cloning with the background, it was far too messy. Wanted it to be bright, and cheery. Took a piece of 12x12 blue card, then used a sheet of dotty paper from sarapapers, using the tearing ruler I tore a wavy line, felt it need to be 'brought' out, so took a darker blue piece of card stock, mirroring the wavy line, then with the left over bits I cut some more wavy lines. Used some chunky lettering, a sticky ribbon across bottom, with some faux buttons and 'buddies'.

Now half watching the golf...

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