Monday, 28 April 2008

all bright eyed and bushy tailed...

Think I must have my days mixed up, I was far too 'with it' today. Managed to be efficient at work for once, set myself a routine and I'm going to stick to it! No more cock ups. Tho update on the Friday farce, I told boss I'd take responsibility for the mistake, but she still wouldn't hear of it... Lord what do you have to do to take the blame! Told laid back type about mistake, he did his usual thing... remained horizontal! But Mr Bone Idle (as I shall know call him) lied.... in front of me he denied all knowledge of the faux pas of someone deleting a group booking on the computers... I told boss that he was there. I think Bone Idle is trying to stictch up Laid Back... and as usual Bone Idle lived up to his title, avoiding any real work that needed to be done. Laid Back tho had last laugh, he got a compliment from boss! I reached end of my tether with bone idle after he again deliberately ignored someone waiting to be served. I stormed off the counter and went to staff room, and stayed there till it was end of my shift.

Mum is all grumpy, she is nervous about her upcoming hip operation, day after tomorrow. She said she could still change her mind, and then added she was only having the op cos we'd all nagged her! I told her if she didn't have the operation she wouldn't be coming home. Then I asked her if she liked being cooped up in the flat, being in pain 24/7, and if she'd prefer life in a wheel chair. Then she got all humpty about 'having' to go out to the bank, to get money, bread... grrr... pointed out that I do have money and I can get the bread tomorrow. I know she is anxious, but there is only so much more I can take of this... - last she said to our neighbour (within earshot of me) that she'd enjoy being waited on for a change! It is a wonder she didn't see the steam coming out of my ears...

Anyway to scrapbook page. At last I found the pretty photo of my neice, in her lovely yellow hat! She was about 4, but looked adorable in the hat. Tho she does look rather unsure in the photo. Used another of my new templates, the flower design. Chose to cut the petals in two different papers, I placed them close to the photo, but the edges were a bit wonky so cut a circle from some pearlescent card, then added some strips down edges of petals. I off-centred the template, so it was nearer to the corner of the page, in remaining bit I added some flowers I punched from green and yellow card, and added a few dragon flies. Coloured some white chipboard letters yellow and green to spell out her name.

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