Saturday, 19 April 2008

brrrr its so cold!

Let's start with the scrap page. Found out that his name is Johnny, he belongs to a member of the CB forum. He was caught in a typical cat repose - in the land of nod! Stuff, save for the fish, all came from the cat scrap book kit. Used the fishy page as background, then some plain paper as the mat, lifted it by using some green mirri card along edge, added some wavy lines by using my tearing ruler and cutting out the shape, then added the foam fish from a QVC kit. Lettering all came from kit - tho I'm fast running out of essential letters :-(

Was in work till 1pm. Got a bit of a shock this morning, got to library, and unusually found I was the first one in, usually my colleague is in situ but not today. Thought perhaps she was doing some shopping, minutes later junior colleague arrived and told me that other senior assistant was sick! So all down to me and him to get library ready. Luckily he is the type that likes to be busy and gets things done, he's also a very decent man. Had a laugh when it finally came to open up the doors... the bit that lifts up the bolt fell off! We laughed, should have seen the panicked looks on the faces of those outside! All desperate to get in and on the computers, then to log in to their inane chat rooms... frankly I can think of better places to be at 9.30 on a Saturday morning, thatn standing outside a library waiting for it to open. Sad or what? We finally prised up the offending bolt, and managed to get the doors open. In they all rushed.... not one heading to shelves to choose a book (heaven forfend!), nope, they went right to computers and all logged on. One chap in particular annoys us all, he is fit, healthy and relatively young, well certainly of working age, yet he spends his day in the library on a PC listening to music... he can somehow afford to spend a lot of money on some expensive headphones, and designer track suits... yet doesn't seem bothered about finding work. Course we also got the usual assortment of kids, some are okay... others are not! We had 3 who had trouble written all over them, 10 going on 25... all think they are the bees knees, spend their days in truly awful chatrooms, chatting to... well I don't want to even guess. One of them is especially nasty, she invariably causes trouble, and swears like a docker. She managed not to cause any trouble today, but then she stymied herself by logging onto one computer, then decided she wanted to be closer to her friend (who didn't want her anywhere near her), but by logging off she used up her last session :-0 Laugh, I nearly cried.... Of course come closing time we had to get one, and yep, at 12.50, with ten minutes to closing he walked in... tried to protest when I told him he'd racked up £3 on fines, he said that his CD's were back on time, I had great delight in showing him that the due date had been yesterday, he coughed up. Then lingered.... until I gave him a fierce stare. If he wanted to mooch then he should have darn well got up earlier!

Had to nip over to shopping centre for baccy supplies, on way thru girl tried to stop me, she was flogging Talk Talk... said no, was happy with Freeview, present broadband supplier and as for mobile phone, I am a PAYG officiando, in fact mobile had is dead, battery ran out days ago... only have a mobile in case of emergencies. I actually loathe them, and in particular hate all the daft ring tones. I told girl I was a lost cause... and she gave up. Did spot LGC in Smiths, wondered about buying it, got lots of lettering in it... but queue was too long. Just wanted to get baccy and get home, too cold to do much else, and grey.... it was sunny and cold earlier in week.

Did some scrapping, while mum ventured to Southport... junk food dinner, then phone call from friend who is in Birmingham, and who had just met her hero, or heroine. She was chuffed, and I was chuffed for her. Now she is having dinner with her heroine... guess she will be on cloud nine for the next few months!


Jane said...

Oh wow I love this LO, and what a terrific picture to scrap!

Dawn said...

Cass - I love this and the pic is fab - I'm the nuttiest cat lover ever