Monday, 21 April 2008

Ugh it's Monday....

Had a horrible time getting to sleep last night, one of those where you keep waking up and the clock has only moved on an hour! Finallly dropped in time for the alarm clock to go off... do tho like how it starts off softly, then gets louder! It was also a bad hair day, looked like I'd plugged myself into the electric socket, nowt else for it but to wash it.

But it was a lovely spring day, pity I had to spend the morning cleaning. The new kitchen is enormous... twice the size that it was, and that means longer needed to clean it :-( It still hasn't got any units in it yet, but they'll be coming soon. Cos the family had been away, and half of them were still in London, didn't have much to do, so got on with stuff I've been having to leave cos of cleaning up after the builders. Had to also unclog the vacuum, and clean it, it was full of dust... so much so that it wasn't picking up anything. So spent half an hour cleaning the vacuum! Also managed to get other stuff done, my stuff that is, take parcel to post office, pay phone bill, post letters, get some shopping, and after all that ended up doing some gardening. Mum gave me a pruning lesson, so I hacked away at the clematis and rose bushes, hopefully they will survive!

Pic - is of my mum and her grand-daughter/my neice, taken about 3 years ago. Niece wasn't too keen on having her photo taken, but I persuaded her. We'd just enjoyed a lovely pub lunch at a nice country pub - situated right next to a busy dual carriage way. Used the grandparent kit, paper is pink, so it all had to be pink! Tore a strip of the wordy paper, then put some dark pink card underneath, added two stripes of dotty ribbon, used DST to fix it down - never used that method before, usually I attach ribbon with brads or eyelets. Did use one of the stamps from my LMC prize. Must get some stayz on! Added a few flowers, tho not that happy where I put them, think I should have stopped and left them till later, was a bit tired at the time.

Still on a search for funny verses for cards, those I found last night were far too mushy. Did tho find some insert templates - hurrah!

Now do I dare to get out the summer wardrobe... ? Fed up of the winter stuff.

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