Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bleh, bleh... and bleh!

Ugh, had to go to work today! I was metaphorically blocked from going into work by our 'van' - what takes books to and from other libraries, blocking the car park. Then I spotted two ducks, one male, one female waddling around what is laughably called a 'garden', it was funny, the male was obviously trying his best to win over the lady ducks affections, but she was playing very hard to get and leading him a very merry dance! At one point they started to waddle up the path to the library, I got there to see lady duck waddling off in another direction, then up popped male duck who seemed miffed that she'd left him behind, he had a very good quacking session with me, told him to keep persevering! Sadly smile on my face vanished on entering library, went to make myself a much needed cuppa and found - no milk, not a drop, tea caddy empty! Charming... there were 4 staff in library yet not one of them had thought to go get more milk, or bother to fill up caddy, and leave some water in kettle - nice to feel 'wanted' NOT. In fact naff all had been done as boss was labouriously explaining cash procedure to newbie - whose eyes had crossed by time I got to counter. I was then next in line to be bored witless by boss... not sure at which point I went into glaze mode. Noticed that she had altered not only my poster but also my display.... why allocate a job to someone when you always think you can do better? That's our boss, no matter what she gives us to do, we all know she will do it all over again behind our backs. She lumbered me with work experience lad, a nice lad, but he obviously did not wish to be doing work experience in a library! She wanted him to make a poster, so I explained a little how to use publisher, then told him to just have a play for a while and to give me a shout if he got stuck, he seemed happy to be left to mess with PC. Boss comes back and tells me that work experience lad cannot use any of the computers on counter.... er why.... noooooo don't ask - so I bit my lip, and set him up on a public PC. He made what I thought was a darn good poster, he is obviously artistic, but boss didn't like it and interfered... and kept on knocking back all his efforts. How to crush someone in one easy lesson.

Next had to break bad news to pensioner that yes, she did have to pay for DVD that she had broken. I sympathised with her, she was being penalised for being honest. Wanted to tell her to go away, take broken DVD with her, come back next day and get new ticket - as most others do, and keep on doing, thus avoiding fines and having to pay for lost books/dvds etc. Didn't have the heart to tell her that she also had to pay an admin fee, so knocked it off price of DVD.

Final straw... came just as I was leaving (you have to understand one thing, my boss lives to work), alls I wanted was to escape as quickly as I could and get home to watch crafting on QVC. But boss stops me and asks what happened to last weeks cash sheet.... er... dunno, last I saw of it the boy wonder (he who can do no wrong in her eyes) had hold of it, I'd just signed it and he whipped it off me and put it in envelope. I could tell she didn't believe me... did I care, nope. Wanted to just get out of there and get home. Wanted to say to boss why don't you go do what you should be doing, putting the ruddy timetable together so we can all then plan our bloody lives!

Didn't seen ducks on way out, hopefully they had got together! Made it home in double quick time, only missed 15 mins of crafting... then just chilled watching Bibby do her stuff. Wonder if she wants any staff?

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