Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A not so typical Tuesday

A tossy and turny night, woke to find sun shining, BBC weather had great big grey clouds over where I live - eh, what grey clouds! Had a half boring, half interesting morning, spent on reference course, to learn what is available online, that is online on our home page. There were three of us on the course, so we did much 'Ooh I never knew that' or 'Mmm, that's interesting'. So a lazy morning. Also a chance to have a quick catch up with old colleagues, one of whom is bonkers, but in the nicest possible way. Then ambled home, enjoying the sunshine and hoping that mum had taken big brother's advice to have a 'normal' day before going into hospital for her operation tomorrow. I just wanted a couple of hours to myself in a stress free zone. Luckily she had, got home to an emply flat, bliss... settled down to lunch and then watched the Bibster. Mum came back after her lunch with friends about half way thru the QVC craft hours, stress levels rose as she openly wondered what to pack for hospital! Er, slippers, books, crossword puzzles, bed attire and a couple of towels Mum! Then she got all maudlin and told me where all the documents were, bank books etc, just in case something should happen... you can see she is full of confidence - NOT. Took her to hospital, my nightmare was getting here there to find that she didn't have a bed! Luckily everything went smoothly, got her a TV/phone card, showed her how to use TV, settled her in and then we had a tearful hug.

So home to: stripping and cleaning her room thoroughly. Will storm thru rest of flat tomorrow, new shifts I've been doing have meant me not being around enough to get housework done properly. So will give the flat a thorough going over. Also got to shift furniture, need to make sure nothing will be in her way when she gets back. Then rang brother to say mum is settled, he was going in to see her, suddenly he comes over all big brother like (awwwww) and says if I am worried that he's just a phone call away! Bless... but I'm the one who was the paramedic for nine years!

Need also to get mum's birthday card/box -whatever sorted, plus a get well card of some sorts! Wonder if it is too late to ring boss and ask for Friday off? I'm not really 'with it' regards work, got way too much going on personally. Plus just had a double dose of cramp in both feet - symptom of back problem.... do not need hassle with back right now, so it better behave itself!

Oh also got a parcel, sadly not craft stuff... my new T shirts from cotton traders, or rather the second set, first set were way too big, new lot fit perfick.

Well no phone call from brother, so mum must have settled in. No doubt she is plugged into radio...

Oh, almost forgot... photo is second masquerade card, looks like last one, but honest it is different!

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Joani said...

I love the cards, masks gorg and colours brill.
I left you an award on my blog on 20th April but forgot to tell you.